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(2001) (voices of Michael J. Fox, James Garner) (PG)

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Bad Attitude
Tense Scenes
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Animated Action/Adventure: A meek but determined researcher sets out with an ancient guidebook and a questionable crew to find the lost land of Atlantis.
It's 1914 and Milo James Thatch (voice of MICHAEL J. FOX) is a meek cartographer and linguist who wants his museum boss, Fenton Q. Harcourt (voice of DAVID OGDEN STIERS), to fund an exploration where he hopes to find The Shepherds Journal, an ancient guidebook that will provide clues to finding the long lost island of Atlantis.

Unfortunately, Harcourt and most everyone else thinks that Thatch is as crazy as his grandfather who had similar notions, and thus his request is denied. Thinks look up, however, when the sultry Helga Sinclair (voice of CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN) takes Milo to meet Preston B. Whitmore (voice of JOHN MAHONEY), a wealthy older man who knew Milo's grandfather. Having recently discovered the Journal and wishing to live up to a bet he made to that man long ago, Whitmore has decided to fund Milo's quest.

Setting out on a huge submersible run by Commander Lyle T. Rourke (voice of JAMES GARNER), Milo meets the rest of the crew including Lt. Sinclair; demolitions expert Vinny Santorini (voice of DON NOVELLO), teenage mechanic/engineer Audrey Ramirez (voice of JACQUELINE OBRADORS); ship physician Dr. Joshua Sweet (voice of PHIL MORRIS); short order cook "Cookie" (voice of JIM VARNEY); chain smoking switchboard operator Wilhelmina Packard (voice of FLORENCE STANLEY); and an odd little fellow, "Mole" (voice of COREY BURTON) who likes to burrow or spend his time in the ground.

In search of a legendary Atlantean power source that reportedly allowed for electricity and powered flight several thousand years ago, the crew battles a gargantuan leviathan and loses most of its men before arriving in the fabled land at the bottom of the sea. There they find a thriving civilization living in a protected environment and meet Princess Kida (voice of CREE SUMMER), heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis.

While she's happy about the arrival of outsiders as she hopes that they can shed light on mysteries from their past, her father, the King of Atlantis (voice of LEONARD NIMOY), isn't as he realizes that most of them are probably up to no good. As he gets to know Kida and explores the land while the King's worries prove to be true, Milo does what he can to help and protect the Atlanteans from disappearing again and forever into obscurity.

Since it's an animated feature from Disney, those so inclined to enjoy such movies will probably want to see it once they've seen the promotional materials or have heard about it.
For action violence.
  • Although it's debatable whether kids view animated characters as role models, here's a quick look at their major characteristics.
  • MILO is the meek cartographer and linguist who's given the chance to prove his theories about Atlantis and proves his daring while doing so.
  • PRINCESS KIDA is the daring heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis who befriends Milo.
  • HER FATHER is the reclusive King of Atlantis who wants nothing to do with the outsiders who've arrived in his undersea world.
  • ROURKE is the mission's commander who turns out to be mercenary/bad guy who will do whatever it takes to retrieve and return his bounty.
  • HELGA SINCLAIR is his beautiful, but tough assistant and co-conspirator who briefly acts sensuously/seductive toward Milo.
  • PRESTON B. WHITMORE is the eccentric billionaire who funds Milo's expedition.
  • WILHELMINA PACKARD is the gravely voiced switchboard operator who chain-smokes throughout the film.
  • JOSHUA SWEET is the expedition's imposing and fast-talking doctor.
  • VINNY SANTORINI is the team's demolitions expert who likes to blow up things.
  • AUDREY RAMIREZ is the spunky Latino teenager who serves as the crew's mechanic.
  • COOKIE is the crew's cook whose enthusiasm is far greater than his skills in the kitchen.
  • MOLE is a diminutive and earthy geologist who enjoys acting like his nickname.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this animated action/adventure flick that's been rated PG. The film gets its rating from action-oriented violence that includes many people being killed in the explosions/destruction of various crafts and vehicles, but we don't see any of the actual deaths. Others are killed in a similar fashion when a huge tidal wave engulfs Atlantis. Non-lethal violence includes unsuccessful attempts on various characters' lives (where all sorts of weapons are carried or used in attempts to threaten, harm or kill others), some punching and other such fighting.

    Some of the film's scenes, along with its violent or action-filled moments may be tense, suspenseful or even scary to some younger kids, although that all depends on their age, level of maturity and tolerance for such material. Although of the cartoon variety, some blood is present, while a few scatological references/jokes are made. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes.

    One animated character acts sultry/sensuous in an old-fashioned way but nothing comes of that, while a woman from Atlantis wears a bikini-like top and bottom (that latter of which is seen after a small sarong-like piece of apparel is removed). While there isn't any alcohol consumption, two comments are made about whiskey and wine, while one older female character smokes nearly every time she's seen.

    Beyond that, a few imitative phrases are present and there's a brief bit where a young girl is upset when her mother floats away in a beam of light. Should you still be concerned about the film and its appropriateness, we suggest that you more closely examine our detailed content listings for more specific information about what occurs in the film.

  • Cookie mentions that the four basic food groups are beans, bacon, whiskey and lard.
  • When someone mentions the large leviathan (a monstrous sea creature) that may be guarding Atlantis, Santorini jokes that it sounds like something with which he'd have white wine.
  • We see Milo leaning over the deck railing from being seasick, but don't see or hear anything (although he comments on his vomit looking like or consisting of carrots).
  • Packard makes an announcement that the dinner onboard the submersible will be beans followed by a musical program (a flatulence joke).
  • Milo gets up to use the bathroom (outdoors) and begins to lower his pants, but is interrupted before anything happens or we see anything.
  • When someone mentions some dried magma blocking an exit, Packard jokes that she has the same problem with sauerkraut.
  • Milo has a bloody gash on his chest (and some resultant blood), but Kida uses the power of a crystal to heal the wound.
  • Milo has a tiny bit of a bloody lip after Rourke punches him.
  • Rourke and most of his crew turn out to have both as we eventually discover that they're only concerned about making money and not the welfare of those who live in Atlantis (although in the end only Rourke and Helga remain bad).
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" may also be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers.
  • As the crew finds seagoing wreckage on the ocean floor, we see the shape of a large monster swimming nearby and then see it swim under their submersible. The creature then attacks the ship, knocking it aside and grabbing it. The crew then sends out mini-subs to attack the creature and a brief battle sequence ensues.
  • The crew very briefly encounters a monstrous, centipede-looking creature that rears up (but nothing else happens).
  • As the crew makes their way toward Atlantis (in an air bubble world beneath the sea), various bizarre looking creatures zip and dart their way behind the crew, and their presence may be a bit unnerving or scary to some younger viewers. In a later scene, they look through the crew's belongings as they sleep.
  • All sorts of illuminated moth-like creatures suddenly swarm down onto the crew's camp, catching everything on fire. The crew then tries to escape and go across a bridge, but it breaks and they all start to slide backwards.
  • As a volcano begins to erupt (underground), Milo and the others try to rescue Kida and outrun the lava flow.
  • Pistols/Rifles/Machineguns/Explosives/Torpedoes/Knife/Energy beams: Seen in various scenes where they are carried or used to threaten or attempt to harm others. Some of the explosive-related devices do kill people and damage/destroy equipment, but none of the deaths are seen.
  • Dynamite: Used by Santorini to knock down a large column (that will serve as a bridge for the crew) and Rourke to blow up a bridge.
  • Spears: Carried by various Atlantis guards/soldiers.
  • Phrases: "Jiminy Christmas," "Shut up," "Idiot," "Nutcase" and "Holy smokes."
  • Mole places a whoopee cushion under Milo before he sits down (to cause it to make its usual noise).
  • None.
  • A heavy amount of ominous and suspenseful music (some of it action-oriented) plays during the film.
  • None.
  • At least 1 use of "Good Lord" as an exclamation.
  • As some sexy/lusty saxophone music plays, Milo discovers the leggy Helga who acts rather sultry/sensuously while talking to him (and showing a great deal of her bare leg), but nothing comes of any of that.
  • We hear that Mrs. Packard (an old woman) sleeps in the nude, but we don't see any of that.
  • Kida wears something resembling a small sarong and a bikini-like top that shows cartoon cleavage. Later, and before swimming, she removes that sarong to reveal a somewhat small bikini-like bottom.
  • Packard smokes more than 10 times and is seen holding cigarettes at other moments.
  • Young Kida sees her mother being lifted up by a light from the sky, presumably never to be seen again (and the young girl is upset).
  • The legend of Atlantis and the way it's presented here (including the ability 2,000 or so years ago to fly, etc.).
  • Explorers of old and how they often plundered/exploited discoveries that they found.
  • The ethnically diverse collection of characters that the filmmakers have put into the film and the possible motives for Disney doing so (possibly making amends for previous related blunders, etc.).
  • A massive tidal wave crashes into various Atlantean aircraft (presumably killing the pilots) before crashing into and sweeping over Atlantis (what isn't covered by a large sphere), presumably destroying property and killing many people.
  • Mole tries to push Milo out of a room.
  • A leviathan attacks and then grabs ahold of the submersible, causing them to launch mini-subs that then fire underwater missiles/torpedoes of some sort that explode upon contact with the creature (that turns out to be made of metal). The creature then hits some of those mini-subs, causing them to explode and fires some sort of energy beam at the main submersible, partially damaging it. It then fires another such shot, blasting a hole into the submersible, eventually causing it to explode, a fate that also affects another escape pod. The creature then chases after and fires various such beams at the remaining two vessels as they try to escape through a tunnel. We later hear that around 200 or so people died during that attack.
  • Santorini uses dynamite to knock down a tower that the crew will then use as a bridge.
  • All sorts of illuminated moth-like creatures suddenly swarm down onto the crew's camp, catching everything on fire, including several trucks that then explode. The crew then tries to escape and go across a bridge, but it breaks and they all start to slide backwards, resulting in a large pileup of vehicles (and evidently causing a bloody cut on Milo's chest).
  • Kida pushes Mole away from her (after he whispers something that we don't hear into her ear).
  • One of the unmanned flying machines crashes.
  • After a fisherman tosses some sort of creature over to Milo, Kida grabs it and quickly bites into it, presumably killing the creature.
  • Milo accidentally bangs his head while surfacing in a small air pocket.
  • Rourke's crew holds weapons on Kida who knocks several of them aside and pulls out her knife that's then shot from her hand by Rourke. Later, they hold their weapons on her again as they try to persuade Milo to join them as mercenaries.
  • Rourke punches Kida's elderly and frail father, the King, in the gut, doubling him over to the floor.
  • Rourke punches Milo in the face, sending him flying through the air, and then purposefully steps down on Milo's framed picture of him and his grandfather.
  • Rourke uses a detonator to blow up a bridge.
  • Rourke's crew fires something up toward the far away top of a dome to blow an escape hole in it.
  • Rourke's crew opens fire on Milo and various others (who arrive in the flying machines) with explosives and machine guns (resulting in various explosions of the flying machines and the presumed deaths of the pilots). Milo then fires some sort of energy beam that blows up several vehicles on the ground. Some of Rourke's crew then takes to the air and there are various dogfights with more aircraft (and trucks on the ground) exploding.
  • Rourke then tries to throw Helga off a hot air balloon (to lessen its load). She climbs back onboard, however, and kicks him several times. He finally succeeds in throwing her over the edge (we see her falling, but later see her on the ground seemingly okay).
  • Milo attacks Rourke and both nearly fall off the hot air balloon. Rourke then punches and kicks Milo.
  • Helga fires what looks like a flare into the hot air balloon, causing it to start to fall.
  • Rourke tries to hit Milo with an ax, but Milo then cuts Rourke on the arm with something (possibly a crystal) that causes his whole body to turn blue (with a glowing mouth and eyes).
  • A crashing hot air balloon nearly lands on Milo (and Rourke presumably dies in that).
  • Packard hits Cookie on the head with a small umbrella.

  • Reviewed May 11, 2001 / Posted June 15, 2001

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