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(2000) (Amanda Peet, Brian Van Holt) (R)

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Comedy: Three single men find both their friendship and their previously successful pick up techniques threatened when they simultaneously fall for and become involved with the same woman.
Brad (BRIAN VAN HOLT), Jonathan (JONATHAN ABRAHAMS) and Zeke (ZORIE BARBER) are three single men who've been best friends since college. Every Sunday they get together at a New York City diner where they compare notes regarding their various recent attempts and success at "scamming" (picking up) and bedding women.

With a wealth of experience and techniques between them, the men enjoy telling and hearing the others' tales, but hate it when Eric (JUDAH DOMKE), their one married friend, joins them. That's because it's obvious he's vicariously living the single life through their exploits and because they don't want to hear stories of marital sex.

Things become interesting when the three men end up separately but simultaneously meeting and falling for Mia (AMANDA PEET), an attractive woman who begins dating all of them. When the three realize that the others aren't willing to give her up, their friendship soon becomes threatened as they individually try to get her to pick them over the others.

Those drawn to sex comedies will probably want to see it, as might those who are now fans of Peet after her appearance in "The Whole Nine Yards."
For strong sexual content and language. Previously rated (NC-17).
Considering the characters' attitudes and the way in which they act and speak (casual sex, sexual talk and lots of profanity), it's not likely that many parents would consider any of them as positive role models for their kids.


Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

(Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

Here's a quick look at the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is listed as extreme due to more than 100 uses of the "f' word, while many other expletives and colorful phrase are also used. Some of that profanity is sexual in nature, and there's plenty of other explicit, sexually related talk from both men and women.

The three main male characters pursue one female character (after ogling and trying/succeeding at bedding others) and she eventually has sex with all three of them (individually, but concurrently). We see and hear some encounters that occur under the sheets (with movement and sounds and one involving a threesome).

There are references to oral/anal stimulation (in a partially seen flashback), many to masturbation (both male and female), penis size, vibrators, oral sex (in a partially seen flashback), and four-way sexual encounter that never occurs. Some brief nudity occurs in the form of bare breasts and most of a man's bare butt (with him in thong underwear that's also seen from the front) and we see the covers of various porno magazines.

Some scatological material is present in the form of dialogue related to bodily functions as well as a scene where a man attempts to fish a vibrator out of a recently used toilet. Various characters drink, some smoke, and some mild violence occurs in the form of brief fighting.

Finally, the way in which the major characters think and act toward the opposite sex isn't likely to endear them as positive role models to most parents. Beyond all of that, many of the film's remaining categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable content. Nonetheless, should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone in your home, you may want to take a closer look at our more detailed content listings for specific examples of what occurs in the film.

  • Brad has a beer.
  • Brad and some friends have beer in a flashback.
  • Brad states that a woman he picked up was like "a f*cking gorilla on ecstasy."
  • Brad has a beer.
  • Brad and other men have beer/drinks in a club.
  • Jonathan shows up at Mia's place with a cheap bottle of wine, just like his friends did.
  • Zeke has wine.
  • Brad has a beer and then does again in another scene.
  • Scatological material includes Brad telling a story (that we partially see - but not in graphic detail), about a woman using her mouth on his anus. While his friends say that's a guy's porno fantasy, Brad goes on to say that he'd been having "sloppy dumps" and then tries to avoid her kissing him on the mouth (due to where her mouth as been).
  • We hear Jonathan urinating in Mia's bathroom. He then finds her vibrator and accidentally lets it fall into the toilet (that appears to have been also used for a bowel movement). He then has to put his hand in there to retrieve the vibrator. Mia hears his struggles and thinks he's having intestinal problems. Once he removes his arm and Mia enters the bathroom, she reacts to how he smells.
  • Mia complains that men can go so long without buying toilet paper since they'll use anything as a substitute such as tissues, towels and one of the guys then chimes in that he uses sheets (none of which is seen).
  • While talking about the "requirements" involved with being married, Eric states that one must remember to flush and that leaving a "floater" isn't a good thing. He then goes on to say that he formerly gave his wife the "Dutch Oven" (or something like that implying loudly farting in bed), but that she got her revenge by slipping him a laxative and that he consequently nearly "sh*t out my colon."
  • Viewers, especially women, may find the three male friends' attitudes toward women (ogling their bodies, trying to "scam" and eventually bed them) as displaying both types of attitudes.
  • Two women steal Zeke's TV after having sex with him.
  • Some will see Mia's involvement with the three friends (having casual sex with all of them) as having both, especially once her true intentions are revealed.
  • The guys make some derogatory jokes/comments about Jonathan being a "fag."
  • Eric talks about the technique of "jumping on the grenade" where one guy consciously gets with the most unattractive woman in a group so as not to ruin the chances of his buddies with the other women in that group. He then adds that he married one of those "grenades."
  • Eric says that he tries to pick up women (despite being married), "Because I'm a guy."
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "F*ck off," "F*ck you," "F*ck that," "F*ckhead," "What the f*ck is that?" "Shut the f*ck up," "F*ck this (sh*t)," "F*cko," "What the f*ck is going on here?" "You f*cking bastard," "Bullsh*t," "No sh*t," "Sh*t lips," "I don't give a sh*t," "Sh*tload," "Holy sh*t," "Bone" "Rail" and "Nail" (have sex with), "Blow jobs," "Whacking" or "Wanking," "Beats off," "Jerking off," "Spanking," and "Feeding the geese" (masturbating), "Wood" and "Boner" (erection), "D*ckhead," "Knuckle d*ck," "Don't be a d*ck," "D*ck me over," "D*ck suck," "C*ck block," "Jerk," "Chick(s) and "Honeys" (woman/women), "Losers," "Bitches," "That sucks," "Balls" (testicles), "Bastard," "Faggy," "Lame ass," "Ho'," (whore), "What the hell," "Get the hell off me," "Dork," "Frickin'," "What the hell is going on here?" and "Idiots."
  • Brad gives "the finger" to cabs that pass him by. Later, Zeke gives "the finger."
  • The guys use various "pick up" tactics that some male teens might try using, such as acting like a woman is a friend of your sister, while others might imitate the guys' attitudes toward women.
  • One of the guys makes the male masturbation gesture with his hand.
  • None.
  • None.
  • One song had what sounded like at least 2 uses of the "f" word.
  • At least 112 "f" words (18 used sexually, with at least 15 other slang terms for sex including "nail," "hit it," "bone," "stuffing" and "rail"), 70 "s" words, 37 slang terms for/using male genitals ("d*ck," "c*ck," "c*cks*cker," "pr*ck," "sausage," "knob," "salami"), 3 possible slang terms for/using female genitals ("p*ssy" and what sounded like "sn*tch"), 3 slang terms for breasts ("rack" and "boob" - the latter is written), 24 asses (14 used with "hole"), 6 hells, 4 damns, 2 craps, 5 uses of "Oh my God," 4 uses of "God," 2 each of "For Christ's sakes," "Jesus" and "My God" and 1use each of "Jesus Christ" and "Oh God" as exclamations.
  • Mia states, "Everybody f*cks everybody. It's the nature of the beast."
  • Brad states that he can give a woman pretty much anything she wants, "sausage" included.
  • Jonathan states that he's slept with only nine women at the age of twenty-sex and that such a low number means he's akin to being a virgin.
  • Brad tells two women that he and they would make a nice "Brad sandwich" (a ménage a trios).
  • The guys sit in a diner talking about whether they "nailed" or "boned" various women.
  • In a flashback, Brad and a woman make out while standing. She then tears off his shirt, pushes him onto a bed and then kisses down his chest toward his crotch (where we briefly see her working on his belt/pants). We then see his pleasured reaction, but in voice over Brad tells his friends that she then started "cleaning my tailpipe" (using her mouth on his anus) and "went past my d*ck to my ass." The others then state that that is a guy's porno fantasy, and then in the flashback we see her then coming up to kiss him and he tries to stop her from doing that due to where her mouth has been.
  • Zeke tells a story about spotting two women who are looking at him, and we see one suggestively licking her finger to get his attention. He then says, "They see me, they smell me, they f*ck me." He then walks out with them, patting them on their clothed butts and we then see lots of movement under some sheets from the three of them (we briefly see one woman's breasts as Zeke says that they were pros and did stuff to him that he didn't even know existed). He then states that he "boned" them several times.
  • Jonathan then talks about his "date" which turns out to be with a bottle of hand lotion that he masturbates with (not seen, although we do see him choosing among many bottles that he's given female names). His friends then comment that he needs to stop "whacking" or "wanking' it so much and also refer to masturbation as "feeding the geese."
  • Brad talks about his dream of all three guys simultaneously having sex with one woman (we briefly see a visualized fantasy where they're standing in front of a buxom woman, in awe, as she starts to take off her bra).
  • Brad states that all girls masturbate.
  • Eric wants to tell a sexual story about him and his wife, but the guys don't want to hear it (thinking it's sick and/or sacred material that shouldn't be shared). Nonetheless, he starts to talk about them having sex in the kitchen and mentions utensils, olive oil and bending over, but the guys stop him before he continues.
  • Brad equates himself to Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" and then comments on him "stuffing Rebecca De Mornay" in that film.
  • The guys talk about whether one of them "railed" (or what sounded like that) a woman (had sex with her) and then use the "f" word sexually many times in this conversation.
  • Brad and other men ogle two women who are sensuously dancing together in a bar, and then talk about getting "wood" (an erection) and the sight of "two chicks grinding" turning them on.
  • The others ask Brad if he "stuffed" Mia and they then reminisce about Brad getting a "five hour blow job" from some other woman in the past. We then see a flashback of some guy delivering pizza to Brad's place while this was occurring under the sheets (we see marginal movement but nothing explicit). One comments, "That chick could suck a taxi driver through immigration." They then ask how he lasted for five hours and he replies, among other things, that she reminded him of his sister and that he couldn't get into that.
  • We briefly see Brad and Mia kissing in a flashback.
  • We see a flashback of Jonathan literally running into Mia outside a store where he's just bought some porno magazines (such as "Jugs" that shows most of a woman's bare breasts on its cover) that fall onto the street. He then tells his friends in the present that Mia knows he "beats off constantly" and is fine with that. Back in a flashback, she asks if he masturbates once a day. He replies that he does as a foundation, and that he always does so at night since it helps him sleep. She replies that it does the same for her as well, but that sometimes she's too tired to finish and "I just bore myself." She then goes on to say that her ex-boyfriend was into masturbating while videotaping her masturbating, and that she enjoyed watching.
  • The guys talk more about sex, and about wine and flowers getting a woman "moist," and use more terms like "hit it" and "bone" for sex.
  • Eric tells the others that he ordered some pay per view porn and they complain because that never shows penetration.
  • The guys talk about doing the "d*ck tuck" where one puts one's penis between their legs to make it look like they don't have one. Eric talks about doing so for his wife due to her lesbian cravings and that she mentioned bringing home another woman for a threesome.
  • We briefly see Mia in her bra during one of Brad's fantasies about her.
  • Jonathan talks directly to the camera about masturbation, using terms such as "jerking off" and "spanking." He states that he sits on his own hand until it goes to sleep and then uses the other to move it up and down so that if feels like someone else's hand on his penis (he calls this technique, "the stranger").
  • We see Jonathan and Mia standing nude in his bathroom (we only see them from the upper chest and up) as she helps him pick out his masturbatory lotion.
  • We hear some climaxing sexual sounds and see Brad then getting off of Mia (all of this occurs under the sheets so we don't see anything graphic). She then comments, "That was awesome" and he replies, "Practice makes perfect." She then rolls on top of him under the sheets.
  • We then hear more sexual sounds and see Mia finishing having sex on top of Jonathan (and she then rolls off him).
  • Jonathan opens Mia's medicine cabinet and finds her "five speed" vibrator that he examines, turns on and then rubs across his own face and body (until accidentally letting it slip and fall into the toilet).
  • The guys talk about a magazine article that states that one out of three men has homoerotic fantasies. They talk about another one stating that men should drink apple juice if their partners are going "to give head" since "it makes it taste better" (the ejaculate) and that if it tastes better, women will want to do it more often. When they're leaving (and one makes some comment about "pulling out"), two older women correct them and say that it's pineapple juice that does the trick. Later, we see Eric drinking pineapple juice.
  • We see a business card for a place called "Chez Boob" where the two middle letters of the last word are drawn as large breasts.
  • Jonathan throws out his porno materials (magazines that show cleavage on their covers, and tapes) and we later see Eric stop by and pick a magazine or two from the trashcan.
  • Mia and Zeke stop at the condom display to restock their supplies. He goes for the extra large size, while she puts that box back and grabs the "Slim Fits" (the box reads "Size doesn't matter"). When he gets upset about this, she mentions that it's the motion in the ocean that matters. Zeke gets mad, however, when a much shorter man walks by and grabs a box of the extra large size.
  • After all three guys realize that Mia has called them together at her place, Brad thinks maybe she wants to go through with "the plan" (a four way sexual encounter).
  • Brad whips off his pants to reveal his thong underwear that shows a bulge in the front and most of his bare butt in the rear. Mia then happens to come out when the guys have gotten into a tussle again and sees Brad (in that underwear) standing directly behind Jonathan who's bent over with his head down toward Zeke's crotch (they aren't doing anything sexual, but the joke is that it looks that way to Mia).
  • Jonathan returns Brad's penis enlarger pump that's called the "Boner Toner" and Eric briefly tries it on a bottle of ketchup.
  • A comment is made about Eric trying to find creative ways to please his wife and we briefly see him holding an electric mixer.
  • We see Jonathan picking out some lotion (for masturbatory reasons).
  • A woman who kisses Brad shows some cleavage.
  • Mia talks with her female friends about her sexual experiences with the three men. She says that Brad was never "really hard," causing one of her friends to ask if he ever got it in. She replies, "sort of" and then adds that it was sad watching him struggle, banging it up against her, trying to push it in. One of the women then asks how you put a condom on a bent/partially erect penis (which she symbolizes with a bent finger) and others equate a flaccid penis to trying to push a marshmallow through a keyhole and another says it's like playing pool with a string.
  • She then talks about Zeke, stating that despite his arrogance in bed, he had the smallest "c*ck" she'd ever seen. She then adds that it was "like an acorn resting on his balls" and that he was like a freak asking, "Who's your daddy?" while having sex with her.
  • A friend then asks if Jonathan "had a big d*ck." In response, Mia holds up a large breadstick, suggesting it's the same size as his penis (she then takes a bite off the end of it).
  • She then talks about Eric, that she eventually "blew him", and that he tasted good.
  • During the end credits, we see a plumber working on Mia's toilet and vibrator then pops out. In a later outtake, she jokes, "I haven't been able to come all week" (since she's been missing her vibrator).
  • We briefly see Mia in her bra and then see Brad in his thong underwear again (during the outtakes) when he shakes his buns at the camera.
  • Zeke smokes several times, while some miscellaneous characters also smoke.
  • None.
  • The men's attitude toward women as sex objects and potential sexual conquests.
  • Mia's involvement with the men that includes casual sex with all of them.
  • Eric's implications that marriage is hell on a man.
  • Jonathan shows up at Mia's to find Zeke trying to strangle Brad (since both showed up to see Mia, not knowing the others were seeing her as well). Later, we then see that the two of them have pinned Jonathan to the floor for the same reason.
  • Zeke smacks Jonathan.
  • Zeke tries to go after Jonathan, and after he leaves, Brad kicks Jonathan out of a booth and onto the floor.
  • The guys get into a brief tussle at Mia's place (during which Jonathan briefly grabs Zeke by the neck).
  • During the end credits there's some outtake slapstick material including Zeke accidentally hitting himself on the head with some nunchukas and one of the guys hitting his head on a disco ball.

  • Reviewed August 30, 2000 / Posted September 1, 2000

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