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(1999) (voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen) (G)

Alcohol/Drugs None
Blood/Gross Stuff Minor
Disrespectful/Bad Attitude Moderate
Frightening/Tense Scenes Moderate
Gun/Weapons Minor
Imitative Behavior Minor
Jump Scenes None
Music (Scary/Tense) Moderate
Music (Inappropriate) None
Profanity None
Sex/Nudity None
Smoking None
Tense Family Scenes None
Topics to Talk About Mild
Violence Mild

Children's/Animated Comedy: After a toy collector nabs Woody, a toy cowboy, to complete his vintage collection from a TV western, space ranger Buzz Lightyear and various other toys set out to rescue their friend.
In a world where toys are sentient beings and live and interact in their own universe whenever their owners or other humans aren't around, the ones in Andy's (voice of JOHN MORRIS) home are an eclectic and amusing bunch. There's Woody (voice of TOM HANKS), the friendly but somewhat neurotic cowboy doll and Buzz Lightyear (voice of TIM ALLEN), a toy who's finally become comfortable with the fact that he's just that and not an actual space ranger.

When Woody accidentally ends up in a yard sale and is then stolen by a greedy and unscrupulous toy collector, Al McWhiggin (voice of WAYNE KNIGHT), Buzz and his fellow toys, Mr. Potato Head (voice of DON RICKLES), Slinky Dog (voice of JIM VARNEY), Rex the Tyrannosaurus (voice of WALLACE SHAWN) and Hamm the piggy bank (voice of JOHN RATZENGERGER) set out to rescue him.

It seems that McWhiggin, who runs Al's Toy Barn, has been looking for the evidently rare Woody toy to complete his highly valued collectible set from the 1950's TV show, "Woody's Roundup." Once in Al's high rise apartment, Woody meets the other toys from his show, Jessie the cowgirl (voice of JOAN CUSACK), Stinky Pete the prospector (voice of KELSEY GRAMMAR), and his faithful horse, Bullseye.

Learning that he's to be sent off with his "old acquaintances" to a toy museum in Japan, Woody wants to get out of Dodge and back to the safety of Andy's room. Yet when he sees all of the memorabilia from his old TV show and then learns that Jessie and Pete desperately don't want to be put back in storage if he leaves them, Woody finds himself torn about what he should do.

As Buzz and his pals make their way from Andy's room to Al's Toy Barn and then to the high rise apartment, they must contend with various obstacles including Buzz's archenemy, Emperor Zug (voice of ANDREW STANTON), while Woody must decide what world he wants to live in.

Yes, especially if they liked the original "Toy Story."
For not containing material to warrant a higher rating.
  • Although it's debatable whether kids see computer animated characters as role models, here's a quick look at the major characters.
  • WOODY is the friendly and easygoing, if somewhat neurotic cowboy toy who must choose whether to return with his friends and current human owner or help his old TV pals from being put back in storage.
  • BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is the space ranger toy who bravely attempts to rescue his friend from the clutches of a toy collector.
  • JESSIE is Woody's former cowgirl sidekick on his show who desperately doesn't want to be put back in storage.
  • STINKY PETE is her friend, an old prospector toy who will do anything not to be put back in storage.
  • REX plays a nervous Nelly of a tyrannosaurus rex toy who helps Buzz rescue Woody.
  • AL McWHIGGIN plays the greedy and unscrupulous toy store owner and collector who steals Woody so that he can make money from selling his now complete Woody's Roundup set to an overseas museum.

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