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(1999) (Sean Patrick Flanery, Jerry O'Connell) (R)

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Drama: Four twenty-something young women and their male counterparts examine love and sex as their night of partying and pairing off leads to unexpected consequences.
As single lawyers Rick Hamilton (SEAN PATRICK FLANERY) and Jane Bannister (AMANDA PEET) wake up in bed together, heavy with hangovers and wondering what they did the night before, Sara Olswang (TARA REID) suddenly shows up at their door.

Bleeding and dressed in a nightgown, Sarah claims that Rick's buddy, Michael Penorisi (JERRY O'CONNELL), a former pro football player, raped her. The story then shifts backwards a day as we see Rick and his three buddies, Michael, Shawn Denigan (BRAD ROWE) and Trent (RON LIVINGSTON) preparing for a night out on the town, while Jane and her girlfriends, Sarah, Whitney Bryant (EMILY PROCTER) and Emma Cooper (SYBIL TEMCHEN) do the same.

Planning to meet each other at a swinging nightclub, the members of each foursome discuss their views on relationships, love and sex. As the night wears on, members from each group eventually pair off for various romantic/sexual interludes, including Michael and Sara whose later encounter turns into a "he said, she said" debate over whether a rape actually occurred.

The following morning, as everyone tries to sort out the events surrounding the alleged rape, the members of each quartet react to that as well as their drunken dalliances from the night before.

Older teens may be drawn to this tale of twenty-something sex and partying (as might younger boys tantalized by the thought of that), but this film is likely to disappear rather quickly from theaters and then barely make an impression once on video.
For strong sexual content including graphic sex-related dialogue, language, violence and scenes of alcohol abuse.
Considering the heavy drinking, casual sex and related explicit dialogue and extreme profanity, it's doubtful many parents would consider any of the major characters to be good role models for kids.


Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

(Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

Here's a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated drama. The film is filled with graphically explicit sexual dialogue and conversations, covering likes, dislikes and the techniques of various sexual acts. In addition, several sexual encounters take place, with movement, nudity, related sounds and one such encounter taking place in an outdoor alley, while many realistic looking dildos are present in an oral sex class.

Violence is present in the form of an alleged rape (seen in flashback from the victim's side of the story), while a moderately bloody fistfight also occurs. Related bad attitudes to that and sexual matters are present. Profanity is extreme with more than 60 "f" words being used, along with plenty of other profanities and colorful phrases. Most of the characters drink heavily while out partying (with drunkenness and/or hangovers occurring as a result), while some smoking also occurs.

Due to the drinking and especially the attitudes and behavior regarding the casual sex (both of which teens may wish to emulate), we strongly suggest that you take a closer look at our listed content should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for them, yourself, or anyone else in your home that may wish to see it.

Of special note for those concerned with repetitive flashing of bright lights, some of that occurs in a scene set in a club.

  • Rick asks Jane if she has any Tylenol and when she responds that she doesn't, he jokingly asks if she has any codeine (they both have hangovers from the night before and some wine is seen out on a counter).
  • Rick and Shawn have drinks in a bar.
  • The men and women go into a bar and order shots of liquor and drinks (while others there also drink and one anonymous man is drunk) and continue to drink (with one of the women stating that she wants to "get f*cked up").
  • Michael pours some liquor into Rick's cup and Trent then takes the bottle and drinks straight from it.
  • The men and women arrive in a club where others are drinking. Waitresses then come out with Jello shooters (small shots of liquor-spiked Jello) and everyone drinks many of them, resulting in many characters being drunk.
  • Emma, who's holding a bottle of wine and is rather drunk, offers some to Shawn. At first he declines, stating that he doesn't drink (although he has been), but he then drinks from the bottle anyway.
  • The next day, Trent takes an antacid, drops it into a beer and drinks it.
  • We see a flashback to a party where Sarah is very drunk (and reportedly had a black out).
  • Rick, who has a hangover, gets up to use the bathroom but forgets to lift the toilet lid. As such, we see his urine stream hit the lid. When he realizes this, he grabs a throw rug and uses it to mop up the urine.
  • We see Sarah leaning out of her car and vomiting onto the street.
  • We see that Sarah has a slightly bloody cut above an eyebrow and on her lip.
  • After Shawn comes out of a toilet stall (presumably after vomiting), he washes his face in the sink and blows his nose in it).
  • Michael and a bodyguard both have rather bloody faces as they fight each other.
  • Some viewers may see the characters' attitudes and behavior regarding casual sex as having both (including Shawn just kissing Emma on the side of her head after having sex with her in an alley).
  • Michael and a bodyguard have both for getting into a "I'm a tough guy" fight.
  • Trent tells Shawn that he was prepared to use a sandwich bag as a condom for his encounter with Whitney, but then found something better -- Alka Seltzer. He then explains that since it looks like a condom package (especially in the dark), you can tear it open and then have sex with a woman without protection or her knowing any better.
  • Michael may or may not have raped Sarah (we never know), and is then belligerent to the police interviewing him afterwards, while Sarah may or may not be lying about Michael raping her. When it's learned that neither side can remember what really happened, their respective friends tell them what to say so that they'll "win" the case.
  • We see a distraught Sarah driving through the rain and then stumbling toward Jane's place, her face a little bloody (we don't initially know why but then hear her accuse Michael of raping her).
  • Although it's played for laughs, some may find a scene where a wrecked car slides within inches of hitting Trent, who's lying in the gutter, as somewhat suspenseful. While it's not played for laughs, some viewers may have the same reaction to a moderately bloody fistfight.
  • Anyone who finds rape scenes unsettling/disturbing will find such a scene (that's disputed as date rape vs. consensual sex) that way where Michael allegedly rapes Sarah (that we see in flashback).
  • Handguns: Aimed by police at Michael as they respond to a call about him (he's drunk and cooking in someone else's restaurant).
  • Phrases: "F*cked up," "F*ck off," "Fat f*ck," "Shut the f*ck up," "Holy f*ck," "Sh*t canned," "Piece of sh*t," "I don't give a sh*t," "Laid," "Come," "Hard on," "Blue balls," "Go down," "Blow jobs," "Horizontal shuffle," and "Horny" (all sexual), "Screwed up," "A-hole," "What's up nigger" (said by Trent, who's white, to another white guy), "Take a piss," "Freakin'," "Dork," "Chick," "Bony ass," "Whore," "Bitch," "Idiot," "Piece of ass," "Dufus," "Screw up" and "Slut."
  • All of the casual sex, related talk and heavy drinking may give kids the idea that such activity is okay (particularly since little repercussions -- notwithstanding the rape allegation -- result from that).
  • Trent urinates on the side of a street.
  • It's briefly mentioned that Whitney recently had breast implants.
  • Trent sneaks into a club by squeezing around a fence.
  • Trent tells Shawn that he was prepared to use a sandwich bag as a condom for his encounter with Whitney, but then found something better -- Alka Seltzer. He then explains that since it looks like a condom package (especially in the dark), you can tear it open and then have sex with a woman without protection or her knowing any better.
  • We see a flashback to a party where Sarah is very drunk (and reportedly had a black out) and a guy has written "Do me" on her forehead.
  • None.
  • A moderate amount of suspenseful music occurs in several scenes.
  • None.
  • At least 62 "f" words (6 used sexually as are several uses of the words "bone" and "laid"), 19 "s" words, 8 slang terms for or using male genitals ("d*ck," "c*ck" and "knob"), 4 slang terms for female genitals ("p*ssy"), 1 slang term for breasts ("boobs"), 9 hells, 3 S.O.B.s, 3 asses (1 used with "hole"), 1 damn and 8 uses each of "Jesus" and "Oh my God," 5 each of "G-damn" and "Jesus Christ," 3 of "God" and 1 use each of "For Christ's sakes," "Oh Lordy," "Oh God" and "Swear to God" as exclamations.
  • Much of the film, particularly the beginning, contains nearly nonstop sexually related dialogue and discussions. The following should be considered a minimum of that. In addition, some onscreen titles appear during the film, including "Foreplay," "Good sex/Bad sex" and "Afterplay."
  • An anonymous quote opens the film, "I'll ride on your jelly role, but I won't give you nothing from my soul."
  • Rick and Jane wake up in bed together (fully clothed), but then agree that they didn't do anything sexual the night before. They do, however, start making out on her bed but are interrupted by Sarah at the door.
  • As Rick and Jane try to understand Sarah's accusation of Michael raping her, Rick asks, "He forced you to f*ck him?"
  • Emma states that you don't want to have the look on your face that shows that "you haven't been laid" for many months.
  • The women show varying amounts of cleavage in different scenes.
  • As Michael talks in a locker room, we see a brief, out of focus shot of male full frontal nudity as a nude man walks by. Meanwhile, he makes comments, "If there's p*ssy on the menu, I'm there."
  • One of the men mentions that guys "are born with only a certain amount of hard ons" and then goes on to say that "it's measured in quarts, maybe in gallons."
  • Shawn watches a porno clip on his computer that shows bare-breasted women moving while having sex (the actual act isn't seen), accompanied by sexual sounds. He then talks to the camera and says "I like to come...that's my favorite part."
  • Rick mentions that people have the misconception that you "get close to someone because you're having sex with them. That's the illusion. If you were that close to everyone you f*cked, you wouldn't be this lonely."
  • A bartender tells Rick and Shawn that if a woman gets you excited and gives you an erection but then doesn't have sex with you, your penis will fall off. Shawn then mentions "blue balls." Rick then mentions a woman having "the audacity not to go down" on someone and a plea to God, "Please let me get my d*ck in her."
  • The women get into a discussion about "blow jobs," with one saying she likes them, calling it a front row seat, and another mentioning that once you're there it's awkward to stop and mentions getting lock jaw and having your eyes watering from doing it. One of them then mentions that "You learn" and "practice makes perfect."
  • One of them then mentions a "blow job class," and we see a scene with women sitting in a circle holding boards with realistic looking dildos sticking up from them. The instructor goes on to say that a woman's mouth should be like an "impostor vagina."
  • The men then talk about oral sex and mention that it depends on where it's done with Trent mentioning "Outdoors is good." It's then stated that it's a combination of three things, "Lips, tongue and hands, but no teeth." One then adds, "The first time I had my knob shined she had braces. My d*ck looked like a f*cking chew toy." He then refers to that as a "sweet kind of pain."
  • Michael jokingly grabs Rick and acts like he's having sex from behind him (including thrusting).
  • One of the women mentions that they'll "do all of them" (have sex with the guys).
  • Trent asks, "Who am I going to f*cking bone tonight" Whitney?"
  • We see a flashback to Trent nuzzling his face in an older woman's abundant cleavage as his voice over discusses the virtues of older women.
  • We see some scantily clad women in a club and there's some "dirty dancing" on the dance floor (a woman holding a man's butt and then doing some sexual thrusting against it, etc...).
  • One of the women states "There's something basic and biological about letting someone inside your body."
  • Rick states that it's "not a big deal who you want to f*ck, but who you want to love," while Shawn states that "women have sex, people f*ck," but then adds, "Sex without love is violence."
  • From a distance we see brief glimpses of Trent's bare butt as he changes clothes. Moments later, as he bends over (wearing pants), Shawn says, "Thanks Trent. Now I know what to think about when I'm trying not to come."
  • Out in an alley, Shawn and Emma start to make out and he feels her clothed breasts and butt. We then see Shawn between her spread legs on the hood of a car. We then see Shawn taking off her stockings and then see her pleasured reactions to him performing oral sex on her (timed with the discussion below) on the car hood. Then they're standing, she opens his shirt and works on his pants and pulls them down. We then see his reaction to her performing oral sex on him. Finally, we see them having sex with her on top of him and see her pleasured reaction and then having sex standing up against a fence with him thrusting between her legs. As such, we see brief glimpses of his bare butt (he's still wearing his jacket) and then see him with a used condom in his hand.
  • As the above happens, we hear voice over narration from various characters. Rick mentions "sometimes there's this need to come. It just sort of takes over. It doesn't matter when, where or how. It's just about coming." Shawn then mentions, "If a guy wants to come, he comes. With a women, it takes a little bit of effort. So that's the least you can do, make the effort." One then mentions that women don't get that guys like "going down on them." Michael then mentions that women often feel the need to reciprocate oral sex ("he did me, now I've got to do him") and that it's not something they'd do if they didn't like it. Emma then talks about whether oral sex is sex. Jane then mentions that some guys don't make any sound when they climax and that "some women pretend they're coming when they're not and some men pretend they're not coming when they are."
  • Trent tells Shawn that he "boned" Whitney. Not believing this Shawn asks, "You made love? Intercourse? Your penis penetrated her vagina?" (all of which Trent acknowledges with "yes"). Trent then says that he looked through her place for "a rubber" (as this happens, we see him walking through her place with an obvious erection showing in his boxers). He then mentions that he was getting ready to wear a sandwich bag as a condom "because that's how horny I am...I want to get laid. I am going to get laid." He then states that he found something better -- Alka Seltzer. He then explains that since it looks like a condom package (especially in the dark), you can tear it open and then have sex with a woman without protection or her knowing any better.
  • Shawn then mentions that he didn't get the chance to do that and we then see Whitney suddenly handcuff Shawn to the bed. She's dressed in a dominatrix outfit (we see her bare breasts), pulls down his boxers and then whips his bare butt with a tassel of sorts (with him mentioning that he likes this and that he "could come very big like that"). As Trent mentions a sexual term to Shawn, he says that he's not familiar with it. We then hear Whitney saying that the prostate is "like a G-spot. When you get close to orgasm, it swells." She then mentions applying pressure to it and we see Trent's reaction to her doing just that (we don't see the actual act, however).
  • Michael recounts his side of the story regarding his sexual encounter with Sarah. We see them on the beach making out with him running his hand over her clothed breasts and she doing the same to his clothed crotch. She then suggestively sucks on his finger (like oral sex) and we then see her grinding away on his crotch (both are still clothed). They then go inside her place and begin to undress. We then see her bare breasts as they stand up (he's also shirtless). As they make out, she feels her own breasts (and we hear her saying, "Harder. Harder"). Mike then says that they took off the other's clothes, one thing led to another and "we f*cked." Someone then mentions the "horizontal shuffle." He then mentions that he didn't have a condom and thought she'd stop him because of that, but that she didn't. We then see them making out some more and him carrying her up to her bed (all while still seeing her bare breasts). They then pull off each other's pants (we see both in their small underwear) and she gets on top of him. We then see a slow motion shot of her having sex on top of him (with sexual sounds) and during this she bangs her head on the headboard but continues having sex (with more sounds).
  • We then see/hear Sarah's account of their encounter. We see him caressing her clothed breasts and she doesn't really like that. Nonetheless, she then makes out with him and we then see them inside where she mentions him trying to undo her bra (which she then says that she had to do herself). She then mentions that he shoved his hand up her skirt and that he said that he was going to "get off, with or without you." We then see him having sex/raping her from behind (and see her bare breasts) and she mentions that he had an orgasm and then left.
  • One of the guy mentions meeting a woman in a bar and her telling him that she's not wearing any underwear and him asking what else someone's supposed to think about that.
  • Emma mentions "having sex forced on you," that it "cuts to the chase" and takes away any responsibility of it. She then mentions that she's talking fantasies and not an invitation for rape. She then adds, "That's why the rape fantasy is so appealing."
  • Jane then mentions that when a guy hits a "home run," he's a winner but the girl is a "slut."
  • As Rick asks Michael about the alleged rape, he asks, "Did you f*ck her in the sand?" Michael responds that they had sex with their clothes on. Rick then asks what kind of sex they had and Michael responds "Missionary," but Rick was really looking for him to say "consensual."
  • We see a flashback to a party where Sarah is very drunk (and reportedly had a black out) and a guy has written "Do me" on her forehead.
  • As one of the guys mentions that sex isn't dangerous or bad for you (after acknowledging AIDS), we see a slightly out of focus magazine cover behind him that shows a nude woman on it (bare butt and breasts).
  • Whitney says that her nightmare is that "I have sex with some guy and the next day he won't leave."
  • We see Rick and Jane making out on a bed they're lying on and he starts to lift up the back of her shirt, but they then decide to stop and nothing else happens.
  • Emma smokes several times, while Sarah, Trent and some miscellaneous characters also smoke.
  • None.
  • All of the sexual activity (including casual sex), discussions and views about sex.
  • Date rape, especially when neither side can really remember what happened, often resulting in the "he said, she said" scenario.
  • The drinking that takes place.
  • Sarah, who has some slightly bloody cuts on her face, states that Michael raped her.
  • Sarah hits Rick (seen twice).
  • Trent and a bouncer at a club get into a brief shoving match.
  • Some bodyguards make their way through a crowd, pushing people aside. One of them then pushes Michael who's playfully carrying Sarah over his shoulder. He then falls into a bar and drops her and then goes to the first bodyguard and punches him.
  • We then see the two of them fighting outside with both having rather bloody faces. Michael drives this man back against a car and then punches him many times and bashes his head against the car until the bodyguard kicks him away. Michael then drives the bodyguard into a fence and knees him in the gut/crotch causing the bodyguard to give up.
  • In Mike's version of his and Sarah's sexual encounter, she accidentally bangs her head against the headboard during sex. In her version, he grabs and then rapes her from behind, during which her head hits the headboard.

  • Reviewed October 18, 1999 / Posted October 23, 1999

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