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(1997) (Llyr Evans, Rhys Ifans) (Not Rated)

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Black Comedy: Two small-town families engage in progressively worse revenge upon each other as a simple misunderstanding grows out of proportion.
In the Welsh town of Swansia, a roofer, "Fatty" Lewis (HUW CEREDIG), falls and breaks his leg while doing work for a wealthy businessman, Bryn Cartwright (WILLIAM THOMAS). Lewis' two sociopath sons, Julian (LLYR EVANS) and Jeremy (RHYS IFANS), want some compensation for their father. When Cartwright refuses, the two young men, whose daily occupation is taking drugs and stealing cars, decide to get their own revenge. After they publicly humiliate Cartwright's daughter, Bonny (JENNY EVANS), he decides to get even himself and entrusts the aide of police officers Terry (DOUGRAY SCOTT) and Greyo (DORIEN THOMAS) who also deal drugs for him. Soon the level of revenge increasingly becomes more deadly and involves more people including Dai (BRIAN HIBBARD), the owner of a karoke bar, and the entire Lewis and Cartwright families.
Older male teenagers may be drawn to this film if it gains a cult following the way "Trainspotting" did, but otherwise very few children will want to see this film.
This film was not rated by the MPAA, but it contains enough material (profanity, drug use, sexual behavior and nudity, etc...) to warrant a heavy "R" rating.
None of the cast can be considered as good role models.


OUR TAKE: 3 out of 10
Many male twenty-somethings will probably love this production and completely disagree with our low rating of this movie that wants to be this year's "Trainspotting." Produced by the same team responsible for that film, "Twin Town" tries to be hip and daring at the same time, but mainly succeeds at being a dark, twisted, hate-filled movie. It's almost as if the film makers added such mass quantities of objectionable material just to get this production the notoriety needed to draw audiences to see it. Of course your reaction to this movie will depend on whether you look at it as a witty satire, or a film that slowly drowns in its own meanspirited behavior. While there are a few humorous moments and some interesting scenes and characters here and there, the film is just too harsh to enjoy as satire or as the blackest of comedies. With no redeeming qualities to speak of (compared to "Trainspotting" that at least showed how bad heroin use is), and not enough comedy to offset the brutality, the film just doesn't work that well. It's a movie that wants to be bad just for bad's sake, and that doesn't normally add up to a lot by the time you leave the theater. Any time you find a film that makes the subject matter of other black comedies (for instance "War of the Roses" or the recent "Grosse Pointe Blank") seem upbeat and trivial, you know you've come across some heavy stuff. Unfortunately, that heavy quality only pulls this production down instead of making it an interesting film. We give this one just a 3 out of 10.
This production has enough objectionable material for many films and most parents will more than likely want to keep their children away from this one. Many categories received "extreme" ratings ranging from the massive amount of profanity, to the rampant drug use to the nudity and sexual encounters. In addition, none of the characters can be considered good role models and nearly everyone has a bad and meanspirited attitude toward others. Not listed below, but worth noting are many scenes where men are seen urinating (the streams are seen), and there is the scene where the twins urinate on a young lady who's singing at a bar. The film wasn't submitted to the MPAA for a rating and thus is designated with the "NR" (not rated) symbol. While many theaters won't play NR movies and others won't let anyone under 17 or 18 in, some theaters just might, so you may want to check on that if your teenage boys (the only likely audience among children) want to see this film. If they do, we strongly suggest that you examine the content listed below before allowing them to do so.

  • Julian and Jeremy do bong hits (marijuana) in many scenes (more than five) and occasionally smoke joints.
  • Julian and Jeremy also buy/sell drugs (pills and mushrooms) from other people.
  • Terry and Greyo buy and sell drugs.
  • Many people drink throughout the movie (beer, cocktails, etc...).
  • Dai and others snort cocaine in a small bathroom stall.
  • The twins put hallucinogenic mushrooms on a hotdog that they then sell to a man who eats some of it and gives the rest to his dog.
  • Cartwright pulls a large bag of cocaine from a football to show to Terry and Greyo.
  • Fatty has some bloody scrapes on his face after falling from the roof.
  • The severed, bloody head of the Cartwright's poodle is seen lying on a bed.
  • Nearly everyone has both. The twins are sociopaths, car thieves and heavy drug users. Terry and Greyo (the cops) are corrupt, sell/buy drugs, and participate in crimes. Cartwright is also involved in crimes and is behind half the revenge that occurs in this movie.
  • Some scenes listed under "Violence" may come across as tense for some viewers.
  • Terry puts the Lewis' dog into a burning doghouse.
  • The twins rig up a system where Cartwright's garage door is attached to a noose around his neck.
  • The twins tie Terry to their father's casket and lower both into the water and watch as they sink under the surface.
  • Handgun: Held on both Cartwright and Terry in separate scenes by the twins to terrorize them.
  • Cartwright and the twins participate in ever increasing rounds of revenge.
  • Phrases: "F*ck off," "Bastard," "Bitch," "Wanker," "Bullocks," "Moron," "Shut up," and "Knob head."
  • There is a great deal of drug use, especially among the twins who make bong hits a competition by inhaling and then holding their breath underwater.
  • The twins steal cars and then drive them at such speeds that they often become airborne. At another time, they drive a sports car onto a soccer field, tearing up the sod.
  • A marching band member spits on Terry's car.
  • Terry gives "the finger" to the marching band, and Dai later does the same to Terry.
  • The twins urinate on a young lady's back and head while she sings on stage.
  • The twins steal a counselor's wallet and car keys when he steps out of the room for a moment.
  • One dog is beheaded by the twins (not seen, but the head is) and another dog is put into a burning doghouse by Terry as revenge. That dog survives, but others are killed as the fire ignites a propane tank that then explodes.
  • The twins rig up a system where Cartwright's garage door is attached to a noose around his neck.
  • Terry goes to look through the peephole in his front door when it suddenly bursts open.
  • There is a minor amount of suspenseful music in a few scenes.
  • None.
  • The following is a minimum amount of profanity that we heard in our screening. There may be many more of the listed words or other words that we missed.
  • At least 318 "f" words (3 used sexually and 2 written with the prefix "mother"), 10 "s" words, 10 slang terms for male genitals (the "p" and "c" words), 8 slang terms for female genitals ("tw*t" and the "c" word), 2 slang terms for breasts (the "t" word), 4 "ass" words (1 used with "hole"), 2 hells, 1 damn, and 3 uses of "Jesus Christ," 2 uses each of "Oh Christ" and "Jesus," and 1 use each of "For Christ's sakes," "Christ," and "Oh God" are used as exclamations.
  • A man exposes himself to others and asks if they want a "sausage" (they see his exposure but we don't).
  • Another scene refers to seeing "sausages" (penises) in a massage parlor.
  • Julian and Jeremy take a bath together (nothing sexual involved) and their bare buttocks as well as their penises and scrotums are briefly seen.
  • Dai's bare butt is seen as he pulls his pants down and slaps his bare behind to the beat of a song while working on Cartwright's roof.
  • Cartwright comes across his daughter on the phone in the beginning of a phone sex conversation. She's just in a bathrobe and runs her hand down to her crotch (we don't see anything) and asks the caller where his hand is, etc... and makes some moaning sounds.
  • A woman exposes her breasts to a man and then manually stimulates him with her hand.
  • The twins' sister runs a prostitution service and arranges a job for Terry. When he sees the woman, however, he says, "I don't want to "f" her, I want to "f" you."
  • A woman tells Greyo that a woman he's looking at is a prostitute and then says that she wouldn't charge him (for similar "services").
  • A woman performs oral sex on Greyo (not actually seen, but the bobbing and location of her head tells it all) until he climaxes.
  • Dai and Bonny have sex. She's on top of him, her breasts are seen and there's lots of sexual movement and sounds. Later, he's seen having sex with her from behind, and again there's movement, bare breasts and sounds.
  • Greyo has sex with the twins' sister and is seen on top of her. Movement is seen as are her bare breasts.
  • A nude sheep farmer (whose private parts are covered by a plant) is briefly seen laughing alongside some sheep, perhaps implying some sort of sex with the animals.
  • There is a great deal of smoking done by many characters throughout the production.
  • The twins must deal first with their injured father, and later with the deaths of him, their mother and their sister.
  • Cartwright terrorizes Bonny and his wife after learning that Bonny had sex with Dai.
  • The twins' behavior -- drug use and car stealing.
  • The mean-spiritedness of nearly the entire town and how the two families' revenge gets out of hand.
  • Cartwright slaps a young soccer player on the head during practice.
  • Fatty falls from a roof and breaks his leg.
  • After a marching band member spits on Terry's car, Terry grabs the boy's instrument and smashes it into the ground. The boy then kicks Terry who in turn punches the boy (10-12 years old) several times.
  • After arguing about whose paper currency was used to snort cocaine, Terry slams Dai's head into the side of a cramped bathroom stall.
  • The twins are forcibly thrown from a bar.
  • A bar room brawl breaks out and many punches are thrown with the occasional head butt thrown in and another person is hit over the head with a beer bottle.
  • Cartwright and Terry beat up the twins in an alley in retaliation for them urinating on Bonny.
  • Although the actual act isn't seen, the twins are responsible for cutting off the head of the Cartwright's poodle and leaving it on their bed.
  • Terry locks the Lewis' dog in a doghouse and lights it on fire. When Fatty comes out to see what's happening, he opens the doghouse and the flames ignite a propane tank. It explodes and Fatty, his wife and their daughter are all killed in the explosion.
  • Terry interrogates Dai's partner for a crime and flicks his ear and nose and then pinches the man's nipple. Later, he grabs Dai by the ears while doing the same.
  • Cartwright throws his daughter, Bonny, around the house and into the walls after he learns that she was having sex with Dai. He eventually throws her into the swimming pool and his wife then slaps him. He punches her and she also lands in the pool.
  • The twins hit Cartwright on the back of the head, aim a gun at him, hit him with a golf club, and then put a noose around his neck attached to the garage door. Later, the door is opened and Cartwright is hanged.
  • The twins break down Terry's door and hold a gun to his face. Later, they have him tied to their father's coffin and they lower both into the water, drowning him.

  • Reviewed May 29, 1997

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