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(1997) (John Leguizamo, Jeffrey Jones) (PG-13)

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Comedy: A scam artist must elude a German hunter whoís literally after his head.
Pestario "Pest" Vargas (JOHN LEGUIZAMO) is a scam artist who hustles people for their money with buddies, Ninja (FREDDY RODRIGUEZ) and Chubby (ARIES SPEARS). While trying to elude Scottish mafioso, Angus, to whom he owes fifty thousand dollars, heís spotted by Leo (TOM MCCLEISTER), the assistant to a "great white" German hunter, Gustav Shank (JEFFREY JONES). Leo and Gustav take Pest back to their jungle island where Gustav makes a deal with Pest. Gustav hunts humans and the only "species" whose head he hasn't collected is from a Latino. So he tells Pest that if he can survive a twenty-four-hour hunt, heíll pay him the fifty thousand dollars. The hunt begins and Pest must contend not only with Gustav, but also with his effeminate, Aryan son, Himmel Shank (EDOARDO BALLERINI).
If theyíre fans of Leguizamo or are in the "Beavis and Butt-head" fan legion, this film may appeal to them.
For crude sexual, scatalogical and ethnic humor.
  • None of the characters, including ones played by JOHN LEGUIZAMO and JEFFREY JONES, are good role models.


    OUR TAKE: 0 out of 10
    This film earns the distinction of being the worst film of this year so far, and any other film will have to work mighty hard to take that honor away from this utterly useless piece of celluloid that claims to be a "movie." There are no redeeming values, the "comedy" isnít funny, and itís just really, really bad. Not only does it butcher the story of "The Most Dangerous Game," but it has enough crude material -- vomiting onto windows and other peopleís faces, farting and other scatological sounds, and the sight of a sock after itís been used to wipe oneís behind, etc... -- to gross out even the younger crowd that it so eagerly sets its sights on. And to show how desperate the film makers are, several characters in this debacle often imitate the Beavis and Butt-head cartoon characters and a young womanís name is Malaria -- that we suppose is intended to be funny. Other "funny" events include Leguizamo being hit many times by tennis balls (Please, donít go on), having runny bird poop land on a manís face (I canít stop laughing), or speeding up the film for exaggerated effects (Stop, my sides are hurting). Actually, your head will hurt if you see this inane piece of flotsam. We give it a big, fat 0 out of 10.
    While we normally donít tell parents what they should do, weíll break that rule here. Keep your children away from this film. It doesnít necessarily have extremely bad stuff in it. But itís a really bad film filled with enough annoying, imitative behavior that your kids will be better off not seeing it. Much of the attempted humor comes from bodily functions that are graphically seen and heard. More troubling is the action of firing guns at people as another attempt at humor that may give kids the wrong idea about guns. We strongly suggest that you read through the scene listings if you're still considering letting your kids see this one.

  • Angus and an associate drink whiskey.
  • Gustav occasionally drinks a martini.
  • Leo pours wine for them.
  • Gustav toasts the upcoming hunt with wine.
  • People drink in a karoke bar.
  • Many of the entries below arenít exactly bloody or gory, but are rather disgusting nonetheless.
  • There are several scenes with farting sounds and in one, Pest is defecating in the woods and more graphic scatological sounds are heard. In addition, he uses a sock to wipe his behind and itís later seen with fecal stains on it.
  • Pest is strapped to a spinning table and then throws up. His vomit flies through the air striking an observation window.
  • Many mounted human heads are seen on Gustavís walls and on his shelves.
  • Pest loses bladder control and urine runs down his pants leg at Gustavís house.
  • Pest and Himmel get sea sick and there are several graphic shots of them throwing up, including one where Himmel vomits onto Pestís face.
  • Runny seagull poop lands on Himmelís face.
  • In many different scenes, Pest mocks Japanese, Scottish, Jewish, other ethnic groups, blind people, and those who stutter by doing stereotypical imitations of them.
  • Pest is a scam artist who tries to hustle people for their money.
  • Pest pockets many of Gustavís belongings when heís not in the room.
  • Even though it's not meant to be taken seriously, the fact that Gustav hunts people shows that he has both.
  • None.
  • Handguns/Machine guns/Rocket Launcher: Fired at other people to scare or attempt to kill them. See "Violence" for details.
  • Doing stereotypical impersonations of other ethnic groups, blind people and those who stutter.
  • Pest dances and prances around in all sorts of goofy ways (making male masturbation movements with his hand, slapping his own butt, etc...) that younger kids may imitate.
  • Pest throws food at a sibling during breakfast.
  • Phrases: "Moron," "Fat loser boy," "Sucker," "Punk," "Loser" "You have mossy teeth and a fat butt," "Freak," "What a hot wench," "Fire hose" (for penis), "I hate you," "Shut up," "I hope you get violated by pig monkey men," "Weirdo," "Chump," "Idiot," "Suck face," "Bitch," "Slut," "You suck," "Later, masturbator," and "Horny little dog."
  • Pest burps into the phone heís talking into.
  • Pest licks a womanís photograph.
  • Pest immediately repeats every word and gesture that Gustav makes to annoy him.
  • Pest blows a "raspberry" at Gustav.
  • After toasting an agreement, Pest throws his wine glass into a wall.
  • Pest puts his chewing gum inside a book and then closes it.
  • Pest gooses his girlfriendís motherís butt.
  • Pest runs and throws himself through a glass door to escape from Gustav.
  • Pest sticks his fingers in Gustavís nose and then licks his face.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • 3 hells, 2 "ass" words, and 6 uses of "Oh my God," 3 uses each of "My God" and "God," and 1 use each of "God damn" and "For Godís sakes" as exclamations.
  • In the opening and closing credits, Pest dances around in his shower and very brief glimpses of his bare butt are seen.
  • Pest tells his girlfriend that heís going to tell his parents that sheís pregnant so that theyíll like her (sheís not).
  • A man asks Pest how he could tell he was a man (said when Pest is acting like heís blind). Pest replies, "Because I could hear your gonads shaking."
  • Pest pulls down a Scotsí kilt to reveal that the man is wearing frilly panties.
  • Pest finds a book and reads the title, "Sex Be Nimble. Sex Be Quick."
  • Itís assumed Himmel is gay by his effeminate behavior and by the way he lustfully looks at Pest. Later, to get into Himmelís room to hide, Pest thrusts his butt toward Himmel to arouse him. Then as Gustav, Leo and Himmel track Pest with a bug Leo planted in his underwear, Himmel asks, "Why donít I ever get the fun jobs?"
  • Himmel shows Pest a bottle of sex secretion hormones (normally used to lure animals into traps) and then shows him videotape footage of two mating lions. Later these hormones are splashed onto Gustav in a bar. Leo tells Gustav, "Iím strangely attracted to you," and many men then jump on top of Gustav.
  • At a party one guy asks another, "Who would you choose (to have sex with), Ginger or Mary Ann (from "Gilliganís Island"), and "Would you or would you not have sex with a space alien?"
  • Pest explains that his Latino ancestors had sex with his Indian ancestors who had sex with his African American ancestors, etc...
  • A womanís bare butt is seen as she wears a thong.
  • A man smokes in a Chinese restaurant.
  • Gustav lights the cigar in Pestís mouth, but the scene ends before he actually smokes it.
  • Himmel smokes a cigarette.
  • None.
  • What inspired people to make such a horrible film, how it ever got released, and how many days before it leaves the theaters.
  • The plot deals with a hunter trying to kill Pest and most of the time itís played for laughs, including a scene where Gustav shoots his own son and other times when Gustav shoots at, or near Pest.
  • A member of the Scottish mafia punches Pest several times in the face and then kicks him while heís on the ground.
  • A restaurant manager slaps his chef on the head several times.
  • Angus tells Pest he wants his money or heíll kill Pestís whole family.
  • Pest acts blind and knocks over and breaks nick knacks in Gustavís house.
  • Pest is hit many times by tennis balls fired from a machine.
  • Tired of Pestís antics, Gustav pulls out a handgun and says, "Iím going to kill him now," but Leo restrains him.
  • Leo kicks a small gun from Pestís hand and then punches him in the face.
  • Gustav fires several shots that nick Pestís legs and then fires many shots in his direction to get him to run away to begin the hunt.
  • Pest fights with a large snake in the jungle and then thrashes it onto the ground.
  • Himmel is hit by a large swinging tree trunk that knocks him into a lake.
  • Himmel accidentally fires a rocket that blows up Pest and knocks him several feet away.
  • Gustav shoots many people in their butts with tranquilizer darts and then hits Pest in the face with the butt of his rifle.
  • Gustav bends a manís arm backwards and then kicks him many times.
  • Gustav holds Pestís family and his girlfriendís family hostage.
  • Pest fires a machine gun at Gustav and Leo.
  • After Himmel says, "Youíll have to shoot me first," Gustav shoots him in the chest with a handgun and then casually explains his actions, "Heís wearing a bulletproof vest," to which Himmel replies, "That doesnít mean it doesnít hurt."

  • Reviewed February 6, 1997

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