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(1997) (Jason Patric, Sandra Bullock) (PG-13)

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Action/Adventure: An L.A. cop and his girlfriend try to stop a terrorist who's taken over a cruise ship.
It's been several years since Annie Porter's (SANDRA BULLOCK) bad experience on an L.A. bus rigged with a bomb. She's got a new boyfriend, Alex Shaw (JASON PATRIC), a police officer, and life seems to be treating her well. She and Alex go on a Caribbean cruise for some rest and relaxation, but little do they know they're going to get just the opposite. This is because a disgruntled terrorist, John Geiger (WILLEM DAFOE), who used to design computer control systems for marine vessels, takes over the cruise ship. Most of those on board are evacuated, but Annie, Alex, and others remain on board, with Alex and the second mate, Mr. Juliano (TEMUERA MORRISON), trying to stop the madman. As Geiger's plan flawlessly unfolds, Alex and Annie must do what they can to stop Geiger's plans of ramming the ship first into an oil freighter and then into an island port.
If they liked the original, or are fans of the cast or action/adventure movies, they will.
For frenetic disaster action and violence.
  • JASON PATRIC plays a cop who must do what it takes to stop Geiger. He wants to marry Annie, and takes some risks that are too unrealistic and dangerous for the average person.
  • SANDRA BULLOCK plays a habitually bad driver who ends up with another gung-ho cop boyfriend. Her role is to play the damsel in distress or to complain about this happening to her again.
  • WILLEM DAFOE plays a terrorist who's obviously not a good role model.


    OUR TAKE: 2 out of 10
    Much like the original "Speed," this story revolves around an L.A. cop, his girlfriend, and a lone terrorist who wants revenge for not being treated right at his former place of work. Unlike the original and betraying its title, however, this sequel is dull, slowly paced, and bad in a big budget way. Reportedly costing more than $100 million, director Jan De Bont (who directed the original and "Twister"), displays his cinematography roots by showcasing some big ship crash scenes, while overlooking the plot and any character depth. While that worked in last summer's "Twister" where the effects were impressive enough to carry the film, here we're forced to wait an awfully long time for the plot to "speed" up. Although it's certainly impressive to see the ships crash together with one of them then slamming into a seaside port (a combination of real-sized models and special effects), that itself doesn't make for great storytelling and those scenes go on for way too long. The opening sequence, where Patric chases after a van on his motorcycle is flat, non-thrilling, and starts the movie off with a whimper, and not a bang. The movie also follows the traditional plot of people having a good time while the bad guy is busily setting up his plan, but in this film, the buildup is slow and uneventful (especially when compared to the original "Speed" that had a tremendous opening and quickly jumped right into the main plot). The cast is okay, but Keanu Reeves' boyish charm is missing and Patric and Bullock's chemistry isn't as good as the original pair. In addition, Bullock has less to work with and is on screen less in this project (compared to the original where she was always right there on the bus), and gets to alternate playing the damsel in distress with the "I've been here and done this before" character. Dafoe doesn't give us much as the villain, as he comes across as a one note, stereotypical character and they unfortunately have made him seeking retribution for the way he was treated at his last job which is the same motive the Dennis Hopper villain had in the first. There are some logic flaws, such as when Alex and another character follow verbal directions coming from a speaker while they're underwater, and a persistent cruise photographer is used for comic relief, but provides very little of it. To top it off, the most ridiculous scene comes at the end, where Jason Patric swims underwater to save Sandra Bullock (whose hands are tied -- thus preventing her from reaching the surface for air). Instead of first pulling her up to safety, he kisses her underwater! Sure, I suppose it marginally works for dramatic and romantic reasons, but it's ludicrous. What else can you expect, however, from a film that focuses more attention on big ships crashing into each other than with plot or character development? For that much money and from a director who's shown more promise before, this production comes off as a big disappointment. We give it just a 2 out of 10.
    Non-graphic violence (for the most part), moderate profanity, and the usual villain's bad attitude are the worst of the material in this production, though all of it's rather mild compared to most films of this genre. With just some blood here and there, no "f" words uttered (to keep the rating at a PG-13), and no guns used to kill anyone (although Alex does fires his shotgun at Geiger), it's nice to see that the film makers showed some restraint. While there are many scenes listed as being tense, most viewers (except for the very young) won't find them to be too extreme. There is the typical villain who uses people as his pawns and violence as a means to his own end, so that may be something to discuss with children who are at the impressionable stage in their lives. Most of the other categories are relatively mild with just a little drinking, smoking, and only a few suggestive lines of dialogue. Since it's likely that many older children will want to see this film, we suggest that you look over the content before allowing them to do so.

  • Alex, Annie, and others have mixed drinks on the ship.
  • People drink wine with dinner.
  • A great deal of wine is seen in the ship's winery.
  • Some guys on a fishing boat drink beer.
  • Alex has a few bloody scrapes on his arm after falling from his motorcycle.
  • A little bit of dried vomit is seen on a bowl next to Alex's bed (he's been seasick).
  • Geiger puts leeches on his body (we later learn to "cleanse" his system).
  • A porter has just a little bit of dried blood on his shirt.
  • Juliano is struck by a flying piece of metal that tears open a gash in his arm, with a moderate amount of blood running from it. Later, when he's knocked into the ocean, the blood disperses out into the water.
  • Geiger has a bloody nose after Alex punches him.
  • Obviously Geiger has both as he kills and puts peoples' live in danger as a means to his own end.
  • Annie absentmindedly cuts off another driver during her driving test.
  • Annie is upset when she finds out that Alex lied to her about his occupation (he lied so as not to frighten her away).
  • The father of a deaf girl tells her that her outfit makes her "look like a clown." The girl, who's obviously upset, throws her jacket at her dad and storms off.
  • When asked if there are any little girls in a locked room, a man inside there says, "No. No little girls, just big women" (referring to the larger women he's vacationing with).
  • Alex chases after a van in the opening sequence that includes sharp turns on the roads and both the van and motorcycle crashing.
  • As the ship comes to a halt, heavy vibrations reverberate through it, causing some destruction and panic. In addition, a deaf girl finds herself stuck in an elevator and must climb out of it to safety.
  • As the last lifeboat is loaded, the ship begins moving again, causing the lifeboat to swing back and forth and finally tip down to one end. Several people fall off and a photographer hangs onto the end as Alex, Annie and others try to save the people.
  • Alex races down to the ballast area, that's being flooded, to rescue a deaf girl who's wandered into that area. As he gets to her, the water pours in and washes both of them from room to room.
  • Alex chases Geiger through the ship, often firing his shotgun at him through closing doors. Alex ends up trapped in a room where an explosion has started a fire that spreads toward him. Annie tries to come to his rescue, but finds a door rigged with a grenade that she and Juliano have to remove as the fire gets closer to Alex.
  • Alex dons scuba gear and goes under the cruise ship to try to stop the propellers, but ends up getting caught in the ropes he's using and is drawn closer to the blades.
  • People and crew on board both the cruise ship, and the oil freighter it's aimed at, prepare for the impact. Meanwhile Alex and a photographer have to dive underwater in an attempt to steer the ship away from a direct hit on the freighter.
  • People on the cruise ship, pleasure boats, and those on the dock prepare and run from the impact of the cruise ship crashing into the port.
  • Alex is pulled along through the water behind Geiger's sea plane.
  • Handguns/Shotguns: Readied by the police at a roadblock, but never used.
  • Shotgun: Used by Alex while skeet shooting and fired at Geiger in several scenes.
  • Explosives: Used by Geiger to disrupt service on the ship and to inflict damage to the ship and Alex.
  • Phrases: "Geez," "Nuts" (crazy), and "Suck."
  • While on duty, Alex rides his motorcycle without a helmet (for those who live in states where that's illegal).
  • None.
  • There is a mild amount of suspenseful music with a great deal more that falls into the action variety.
  • None.
  • 12 "s" words, 4 hells, 2 "ass" words (1 using "hole"), 2 damns, and 10 uses of "Oh my God," 3 each of "God" and "Oh God," 2 uses of "My God," and 1 use each of "G-damn," "Jesus Christ," and "Swear to God" as exclamations.
  • When Alex asks Annie (about their cabin), "Is this big enough for you?" She replies, "Size doesn't matter, you know that" (a sly reference to penis size).
  • Alex and Annie share that cabin, and are seen in bed together in one scene, but nothing happens and no nudity is seen.
  • A few women's dresses reveal some cleavage. In another scene a man asks a woman why she's not taking off her dress (to block smokey air vents). She responds that she's not wearing any underwear and starts to pull up her short dress, but stops before anything is seen.
  • A couple is briefly seen in bed as they're startled by the cruise ship crashing into the dock, but no nudity or activity is seen.
  • After a husband asks his wife if she's wearing her nicotine patch she says, "The only way that patch is going to help me is if I roll it and smoke it."
  • A man in a boat has an unlit cigar in his mouth and a shop owner is briefly also seen with a cigar.
  • The father of a deaf girl tells her that her outfit makes her "look like a clown." The girl, who's obviously upset, throws her jacket at her dad and storms off.
  • The parents of a deaf girl panic when they can't find her as the ship is being evacuated.
  • Using violence as a means to an end and innocent people as your pawns while doing so.
  • Whether something like this will happen on your next vacation (cruise, air flight, etc...).
  • What Geiger was doing with the leeches (he was using them to alleviate a blood ailment).
  • Annie swerves and slams the side of her car into a parked police car.
  • Geiger hits a porter over the head with a golf club, knocking him out.
  • After hitting the captain several times with a swinging deck light, Geiger throws the man overboard where he's swept under the ship and presumably killed.
  • As Geiger shuts down the ship's engines, parts of them explode causing tremendous shuddering to occur that destroys things on board the ship (glass shattering, fires breaking out, etc...).
  • Several people fall from a lifeboat and are sucked under the ship (and presumably killed).
  • Alex uses a coat rack to break open a gun cabinet to get the skeet shotguns, and then kicks in Geiger's cabin door.
  • A bomb rigged laptop computer explodes, nearly injuring Alex and others.
  • Alex smashes a computer monitor with what looks to be a wrench.
  • Alex chases after Geiger and fires his shotgun at him several times. When he sees Geiger's face displayed on a large video screen, he shoots that as well.
  • Geiger holds a gun on Annie, forcing her to let Alex fall back into the ocean.
  • Juliano is struck by a ripped out piece of metal that breaks his arm, and moments later Geiger pushes him into the ocean.
  • Geiger causes the cruise ship to crash into an oil freighter, and much damage is done to both ships. The freighter's anchor then smashes into the cruiser, tearing up its side and nearly hits Alex and a photographer.
  • The cruise ship runs over several boats, including one that explodes from the impact, presumably killing those on board. A water skier crashes into the side of the cruise ship and the boat pulling it goes airborne and crashes into a building, but the driver is okay.
  • The cruise ship crashes into a seaside port and causes a great deal of damage to buildings and other property.
  • Geiger holds Annie by her hair and slams her head inside the cockpit of a sea plane.
  • Annie elbows Geiger several times in the face until he backhands her, and moments later Alex punches Geiger in the face.
  • Geiger's plane crashes onto the freighter's mast, and later explodes, causing the freighter to explode.

  • Reviewed June 11, 1997

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