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(1997) (Tupac Shakur, Tim Roth) (R)

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Drama: Two drug addicts try to go clean while avoiding local thugs and the police.
Stretch (TIM ROTH) and Spoon (TUPAC SHAKUR) are two drug addicts who decide to go clean after a friend of theirs, Cookie (THANDIE NEWTON) goes into a drug-induced coma. They encounter bureaucratic red tape, however, trying to get into a detox program and thus return to their drug dealer in the meantime. During one of their visits to the dealer, though, they find that a local thug, D-Reper (VONDIE CURTIS-HALL) and his henchman (TOM TOWLES) have killed the dealer. Realizing that Stretch and Spoon have taken some of "their drugs," D-Reper and his henchman try to kill the two. Meanwhile, the police believe that the two are responsible for the drug dealer's murder. Thus Stretch and Spoon must avoid the thugs and the police as they try to enter the detox program.
If they're fans of the late Tupac Shakur, they will.
For graphic drug use, pervasive strong language, some violence and brief nudity.
None of the characters are good role models.


OUR TAKE: 6.5 out of 10
Despite the subject matter, this is an impressive directing debut by actor Vondie Curtis-Hall (who also plays the bad guy in this production). Supported by director of photography Bill Pope (responsible for shooting the wildly inventive "Bound"), this is a surprisingly fun film to watch. Actor Roth creates another edgy, dark character while the late Tupac Shakur is outstanding. In a bit of prophetic irony, Shakur's character states in one scene that he feels like his time is running out. While that turned out to be true in real life, it's a shame here because, regardless of the rap artist's controversial behavior, he does a fine job creating a memorable character. He may have had a bright future in Hollywood but now no one will ever know. While some viewers will be turned off by the subject matter, for those who aren't offended they'll find an interesting and at times humorously enjoyable production. We give it a 6.5 out of 10.
This movie is chock full of objectionable material. Drug use is extreme as the characters are seen shooting up, snorting cocaine, or smoking marijuana. Profanity is record setting (as of this review) with 225+ "f" words and 80 "s" words all occurring in 90 minutes. When the characters aren't doing drugs, they're smoking like it's going out of style. Nudity is limited to two shots of bare breasts and some sexual talk occurs but is also rather brief. Parents should be aware that teens will probably want to see this film (if they're fans of Shakur) and other than an early scene, it depicts drug use as enjoyable and funny at times. We heavily suggest that you read through the scene listings to determine if this movie is appropriate for your kids.

  • Cookie is passed out from a drug overdose.
  • There are lots of empty and partially empty beer, wine and liquor bottles in their place.
  • A woman snorts cocaine at a drug dealer's place where Spoon and Stretch buy drugs.
  • Spoon and Stretch are seen "shooting up" heroin or crack cocaine.
  • Cookie, Spoon, and Stretch share a joint in a bathroom.
  • Spoon and Stretch shoot up again.
  • Spoon talks about the first time he did hard drugs (cocaine) and mentions that up to that point he had "only smoked a joint or two." He then says that after he did those drugs, "it felt like home" and was "peaceful."
  • Spoon tells Stretch to get rid of the drugs, so he goes into the bathroom and shoots some of it up and then tries to flush cocaine down the toilet when the police arrive.
  • During several scenes, quick montage shots of people shooting up and mixing drugs are seen.
  • Blood is seen being drawn into a syringe during a blood test.
  • The drug dealer has bloody marks on his face and his girlfriend has a black eye after an apparent violent encounter with D-Reper.
  • The drug dealer is found dead with bloody marks on his face and some blood on the floor next to him (and Stretch throws up when he sees this).
  • Stretch's arm is a little bloody after he gets shot.
  • Both Spoon and Stretch are bloody (knife and gun shot wounds respectively) while sitting in an emergency room. Other bloody patients are also present.
  • D-Reper and his henchman are thugs and continually try to kills Spoon and Stretch.
  • An admitting nurse at an emergency room says, "I'll let the bitch (Cookie) die" after she gets mad that Spoon was cursing at her to get help.
  • Spoon continues smoking in a room where a sign says "no smoking" and after a guard has asked him to put out the cigarette.
  • A drug dealer holds his gun to Stretch's head and acts like he's going to shoot him.
  • Some viewers may find the scenes where Stretch and Spoon are pursued by the bad guys and almost caught by the police as tense.
  • Spoon asks Stretch to stab him in the stomach and there are several tense moments before he finally does so.
  • Handgun: Held by a drug dealer to Stretch's face.
  • Handguns: Fired by D-Reper and his henchman many times at Spoon and Stretch and at the police who return fire. See "Violence" for details.
  • Pocket Knife: Used by Stretch to repeatedly stab Spoon in the stomach after Spoon asks him to do so.
  • Drug use.
  • Phrases: "Bitch" (toward women), "Shut the "f" up," "Nigger," "Shmuck," and "Balls" (testicles).
  • Cookie urinates in front of the guys who then do the same simultaneously in a toilet in front of her.
  • Spoon gives "the finger" to D-Reper and his henchman.
  • Spoon wants Stretch to stab him with his pocket knife (so that he'll be wounded and they'll be admitted to the emergency room and thus get off the street). Stretch repeatedly stabs him (due to a dull knife) before enough injury is done to satisfy them (but every time Spoon screams in pain when the knife hits him).
  • None.
  • There is a mild amount of suspenseful music in certain scenes.
  • The "f" and "ass" words are heard in a song during the end credits.
  • At least 227 "f" words (20 with the prefix "mother" and 1 used sexually), 80 "s" words, 5 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck" and "c*cksucker"), 16 "ass" words, 5 hells, 2 damns, and 5 uses of "God damn" and 1 use of "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • Stretch mentions getting a do-it-yourself kit for penis implants.
  • Cookie's bare breasts are seen as the guys pull her from a bathtub.
  • Cookie walks around their place in skimpy underwear.
  • After Stretch complains about Cookie and Spoon making too much noise while having sex, Cookie tells him that he could have joined them. Stretch, however, says that he "can't get it up in a crowd."
  • Stretch talks about a TV program where a man has had a sex change operation and then became a lesbian. Cookie mentions that he cut off his genitals ("d*ck"), and that he "could have just given the woman head (oral sex) and saved his d*ck."
  • Cookie's bare breasts are seen (she's only wearing skimpy bikini underwear) as she gets dressed.
  • Nearly everyone heavily smokes throughout the movie.
  • None.
  • Drug use.
  • Stretch admits that he's HIV positive.
  • Spoon smashes D-Reper over the head when he comes after Stretch.
  • A drug dealer holds his gun on Stretch after he calls the dealer "nigger."
  • D-Reper's henchman shoots his gun at Spoon and Stretch.
  • The drug dealer has bloody marks on his face and his girlfriend has a black eye after an apparent violent encounter with D-Reper.
  • The drug dealer's place has been ransacked and Spoon and Stretch find the drug dealer shot dead on the floor (and later hear that the girlfriend was found dead in the closet).
  • A cop slams Spoon against the wall after he doesn't like his attitude.
  • Two cops slam Spoon and Stretch around a bathroom as they arrest them. But a crowd of panicked people burst in and knock the cops down. It turns out a crazy blind man is smashing the social services office with his cane and his dog is terrorizing everyone. One of the cops then holds his gun on the dog and threatens to shoot it unless it's restrained.
  • D-Reper and his henchman spot Stretch and Spoon and open fire at them. A long chase sequence follows where the police shoot at the two gunmen who shoot back at the police. The gunmen then continue their chase of the two guys and Stretch ends up getting shot in the arm.
  • Spoon wants Stretch to stab him with his pocket knife (so that he'll be wounded and they'll be admitted to the emergency room and thus get off the street). Stretch repeatedly stabs him (due to a dull knife) before enough injury is done to satisfy them (but every time Spoon screams in pain when the knife hits him).

  • Reviewed January 27, 1997

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