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(1997) (George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger) (PG-13)

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Action/Adventure: The dynamic duo battle two new villains in Gotham City.
The dynamic duo, Batman (GEORGE CLOONEY) and Robin (CHRIS O'DONNELL), the protectors of Gotham City who are really Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, find themselves with two new villains to battle. The first is Mr. Freeze (ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER), a former scientist who, when trying to find a cure for his wife's disease, fell into a frozen mixture that forever changed his molecular structure. Having to wear a refrigerated suit, Freeze is constantly in search of diamonds to power that suit and uses a freezing ray that ices over anyone in his way. The other villain is Poison Ivy (UMA THURMAN), formerly Dr. Pamela Isley, who also survived a molecular change that made her kisses deadly and full of poison. A plant rights activist, Ivy is happy that Freeze wants to frost over the world, thus allowing her mutated plant creations to take over. Her main weapon, beyond her kiss, is a pheromone dust that romantically fogs the mind of those exposed to it. Subjecting both Batman and Robin to that dust, she creates a rivalry between the two that threatens to undermine their work and Bruce's relationship with girlfriend Julie Madison (ELLE MACPHERSON). Coming to the duo's aid is Barbara Wilson (ALICIA SILVERSTONE), the niece to butler Alfred Pennyworth (MICHAEL GOUGH), who suits up as Batgirl to help stop Freeze and Ivy's plans to destroy humanity.
Probably. With such a huge cast sporting enough popular actors (Clooney from TV's "ER" and Schwarzenegger of "The Terminator" and many other movies) and actresses (Silverstone from the movie "Clueless"), this film will appeal to nearly everyone.
For strong stylized action and some innuendos.
  • GEORGE CLOONEY plays the caped crusader who must deal not only with the villains but with his sidekick who feels that he's being held back and isn't in the spotlight enough.
  • CHRIS O'DONNELL plays that sidekick who almost has a spoiled brat attitude as he wants to break out from under Batman's wing.
  • ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER plays a villain who must steal diamonds to power his suit and wants to freeze over humanity in an effort first to save his wife's life and then later for revenge.
  • UMA THURMAN plays a woman who strongly believes in plants' "rights" and later becomes a sultry vixen who kills with her poison-laced kisses.
  • ALICIA SILVERSTONE plays a rebellious prep student who participates in motorcycle races and later becomes a superhero herself.


    OUR TAKE: 5 out of 10
    In yet another summer movie that pushes spectacle over story, "Batman and Robin" is engaging to watch and passably enjoyable, but ultimately succumbs to its lackluster plot. Much like its two predecessors, the film also suffers from having two villains and way too many characters. The two villains are supposed to make the dynamic duo's efforts doubly hard, but they only diffuse the action. Likewise, with so many characters and so many subplots going on, the film ends up fractured and probably half an hour too long. Some characters are unnecessary, such as Batman's girlfriend, while others, like Silverstone's Batgirl, are underwritten. Establishing her as the rebellious prep student/bad girl is stereotypical and doesn't give Silverstone much with which to work. As the third actor to don the rubber bat suit, Clooney is probably the best actor for the physical part of the role, but the weakest playing the ultra-wealthy Bruce Wayne. After roles in movies such as "From Dusk Till Dawn," Clooney proved he can fully step out of the ER garb into the action hero role, but he's never believable as the suave character he has to play half the time. O'Donnell's Robin becomes increasingly annoying throughout the movie as his character follows the traditional comic book plot of wanting to break out and away from his more flashy partner/leader. The two stand outs are Schwarzenegger and Thurman as the villains. Given the best lines and most interesting characters, these two highlight the film. Arnie's role was obviously written/rewritten specifically for him for his one-liners harken back to his older action movies where he disposed of the bad guys with a clever quip. Thurman chews up the scenery in her role as the sultry plant lady, and along with Schwarzenegger, seems to have the most fun in this film. The set pieces are spectacular, and overall the visual effects are good, but neither they nor the impressive (and reportedly $60 million) cast can carry the film past its own plot deficiencies. Other than for the opening and closing action scenes, most of the movie plods along at a glacial pace, undermining the big budget, summer movie feel. In addition, many scenes, such as a long motorcycle race involving Silverstone, not only don't work and don't fit in with the plot, but go on way too long, as does a subplot involving Alfred's deadly illness that's too easily resolved at the end of the movie. There are also the logic problems always found in comic book adaptions, such as why Schwarzenegger doesn't freeze Batman at the beginning after he's just done that to Robin. The answer of course is that the movie would be over too soon, but the plot could easily have solved this problem and made the story more interesting. Sure that's nitpicking a summer movie (which for some unknown reason is given more leeway than other films), but it's one of our pet peeves about sloppy or unimaginative film making. If you go into this film with little or no expectations, you'll probably enjoy it, but won't find it to be a great film. We found it to be somewhat enjoyable, but were disappointed by the slow pace and under use of a tremendous cast. We give it a 5 out of 10.
    Beyond the comic book type violence and some lines involving sexual innuendos, there's not a great deal to object to in this film. With few deaths and none of them being graphic, this film is much less violent than its predecessors. Most of the violence is of the hitting and punching variety (and isn't much worse than that on the old TV show). Ivy spouts a few lines of innuendo, but none of it's that bad. There are brief moments where the camera focuses on all three superhero's butts (and Silverstone's chest) in their rubber suits, but it's played for quick laughs instead of sex/nudity. Of course the stereotypical villains' bad attitude is present, but like the violence, it's a step down from that of villains in the previous films. Since many children will want to see this film, we suggest that you first examine the content before allowing them to do so.

  • People drink wine at a reception.
  • Some heavily costumed thugs drink liquor straight from the bottles.
  • Wine or champagne is passed out at another reception.
  • "Bane," a scientifically created, muscle-bound man, is covered with colorful bulging veins that may be unsettling to younger viewers.
  • The faces of two guards that Ivy has just killed with venomous kisses have green veins running through them.
  • Robin refers to women as "chicks" as does another man later on.
  • A non-sanctioned science experiment is conducted on a convict.
  • Freeze steals diamonds, freezes anyone in his way, and wants to blackmail the city all to help his wife. Later, thinking his wife is dead, he tries to kill everyone by freezing them.
  • Ivy wants to kill every human on Earth so that her plants can take over, and to begin she unplugs the support system sustaining Freeze's wife and then tells him that Batman did it.
  • Robin, feeling that he's being overshadowed by Batman, develops a bad attitude and doesn't want to be a team player.
  • Some viewers may find scenes listed under "Violence" as tense, but they aren't intentionally designed that way (they're done more for action).
  • Freeze and the dynamic duo find themselves free falling toward Gotham's skyline in one scene and later Robin and Batgirl fall from an observatory as do Batman and two observatory workers.
  • A convict being used in a science experiment has reportedly had three holes drilled in his head and is seen strapped to a table. A liquid is then poured into him and he writhes and groans in agony as the liquid changes his body structure and turns him into a vein-laden muscle-bound creature.
  • Freeze's wife is seen floating upright in a liquid filled cylinder that may be unsettling to younger kids.
  • Barbara and Dick slide toward and eventually over the edge of an incomplete bridge, and find themselves hanging on, but this lasts only a few moments and we never see how they're rescued or climb to safety.
  • Freeze Gun: Used by Freeze to freeze people, encasing them in ice and killing them if not thawed out in several minutes.
  • Handguns: Used by the police to shoot at Freeze, and later at him, Ivy and Bane.
  • Explosives: Used by Batman to blow up Freeze's rocket and by Freeze to blow up an observatory.
  • Handgun (possibly starter's pistol): Used to start a motorcycle race.
  • Molotov Cocktails: Thrown onto a street to disrupt a motorcycle race.
  • Missiles: Fired by one of Freeze's men at the three heroes, but no one's hurt.
  • Phrases: "Psycho," and "Nut ball."
  • A convict, to be used in a science experiment, spits on a scientist.
  • Ivy breaks things in her lab and then sets it on fire.
  • Barbara climbs down from her bedroom window on sheets that are tied together. She then takes Dick's motorcycle and participates in wagered races.
  • Some guys throw Molotov cocktails in front of motorcycle racers, causing them to crash.
  • None.
  • There is a mild amount of suspenseful music that's often more action-oriented than tense.
  • None.
  • 3 damns and 2 hells used as exclamations.
  • A woman tells Freeze, "I'm feeling hot" and that she'd do extreme things "just to have you," and finally says, "What do you say we heat things up?"
  • Several women's outfits at an auction show some cleavage.
  • Ivy's costume resembles that of a high cut, one piece bathing suit, and consequently part of her butt (covered by see through stockings) is seen.
  • At an auction Ivy says that she has "some wild oats to sow." Referring to Robin's age she says, "Youth has its advantages. Endurance. Stamina. Forget the geriatric bat. Come join me. My garden needs tending." She then says, "These boys are bound to hit the honey pot," and "I'll bring everything you see here, plus everything you don't."
  • A thug tells Ivy, "You look good enough to eat." She replies, "That I am."
  • Referring to Ivy, Batman and Robin say that she has good "stems" and "buds."
  • Ivy, leaning over Batman, says, "There's something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girl's lips."
  • Ivy, referring to Freeze's cryogenically suspended wife, says, "Who needs a frigid wife?"
  • After Robin asks Ivy if one part of her is the only part that's green, she says, "You'll just have to find out." Later she mentions that she needs a sign that reads, "Slippery when wet."
  • Freeze smokes a cigar.
  • A man at an auction has an unlit cigar in his mouth.
  • It's mentioned that Barbara's parents were killed five years ago in a car accident.
  • It's mentioned that Alfred's dying, and he does look and act rather sick.
  • Using violence as a means to and end.
  • Ivy's issue of deforestation is briefly brought up.
  • The police shoot at Freeze who in turns hits them with his freezing ray that ices them over. Batman and Robin then show up and Freeze gives the command, "Kill the heroes and destroy everything." A great deal of fighting then ensues between the dynamic duo and Freeze and his ice men. Punches and kicks are thrown as is the occasional body and others are hit with hockey sticks. Freeze also fights off many police officers whom he tosses aside like rag dolls. Later, Batman blows up Freeze's rocket.
  • Freeze ices over Robin, giving Batman just eleven minutes to save his life.
  • "Bane," a super-sized, scientifically created creature, fights with several people and knocks them aside.
  • A scientist, who didn't like Dr. Isley calling him "psycho," pushes her to the floor and then pushes a shelving unit onto her, spilling all sorts of toxic chemicals on her.
  • Ivy breaks things in her lab and then sets it on fire.
  • Freeze ices over one of his men for interrupting him.
  • Freeze bursts into an auction and freezes many of those present. He and his ice men then fight with Batman and Robin and more punches and kicks are thrown. Freeze also uses people as shields (from being hit) and as weapons (throwing them into others).
  • Two of Freeze's men are killed when their cars slam into the side of a building.
  • Batman lands on Freeze and knocks him out.
  • Barbara grabs Dick and flips him to the ground when he suddenly grabs her (for "borrowing" his bike).
  • Freeze takes two guards and smashes them into each other.
  • Some thugs go after Ivy and her muscle-bound companion, Bane, who tosses the thugs aside.
  • A few people crash during a motorcycle race and one of their bikes blows up. Others then throw Molotov cocktails in front of the participants, causing them to crash.
  • Ivy kisses and thus kills two guards with her poison.
  • Bane knocks many people aside during an asylum break, and guards shoot at him, Freeze and Ivy as they jump to their freedom.
  • Batman and Robin fight Bane with more punches and kicks thrown, and Batman hits Bane with a metal pipe. Meanwhile Freeze knocks several cops down a staircase.
  • Batman and Robin fight, but it's brief with Robin ending up landing in some goo.
  • Freeze ices over two people in an observatory.
  • Ivy and Batgirl fight with kicks and punches thrown.
  • One of Freeze's ice men shoots missiles at the three heroes, and they blow up around them, but no one is hurt.
  • While Freeze and Batman fight, Bane holds Robin and Batgirl against a wall strangling them. Later, Freeze sets off several explosives that blow up the observatory.

  • Reviewed June 18, 1997

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