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(1996) (Jackie Chan, Michelle Khan) (R)
(Originally titled : "Police Story III: Supercop") (1992)

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Bad Attitude
Tense Scenes
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Action/Adventure: A cop from Hong Kong goes undercover to infiltrate a drug ring in mainland China.
Hong Kong Detective Kevin Chan (JACKIE CHAN) is hand selected by his uncle, the police chief, to infiltrate an international drug ring. Chan is briefed and given a new identity (Fu Sheng) by Chief of Security Yang (MICHELLE KHAN) an attractive but formidable officer. Chan's first mission is to free a man named Panther (YUEN WAH) from a Chinese prison labor camp and hope that he'll lead him back to his older brother and drug lord, Chaitbat (a.k.a. Big Brother). Sensing that he may need some help Yang goes undercover as Hanna, Fu Sheng's sister. From then on, they travel from China back to Hong Kong with Panther as they try to stop Big Brother.
Fans of Chan's or other martial art films will. Other than that, there's not much here to draw kids.
For some violence.
  • JACKIE CHAN plays a modest, but physically talented cop who'd rather flee than fight (although he ends up fighting a lot and shooting several people).
  • MICHELLE KHAN plays an equally talented officer who usually ends up getting Chan out of trouble (by beating up most of the bad guys).
  • YUEN WAH plays the bad guy who kills many people without remorse, and of course is a bad role model.


    OUR TAKE: 6 kicks out of 10
    This film is four years old and was originally released before the more recent "Rumble in the Bronx" (also staring Chan). If you love martial art films, this isn't a bad one for you. The highlight of the film (as is the case with "Rumble") is the outtakes at the end which show just how dangerous doing your own stunts can be (Chan and Khan did their own). Chan is such an engaging, self-deprecating character that it's a blast to watch him on the screen, fighting or not. Of course there have to be scenes with the bad guys plotting to do their evil deeds, but these seem too long and Chan's absence draws the movie down. The movie isn't as much fun as "Rumble," where Chan had more spectacular stunts and made good use of his props. The two films, however, are similar in the fact that they are poorly dubbed (there was no apparent attempt to match lips with words -- but one gets used this after a while) and that they picked out horrible voices to dub over the real actors. Still if you like this kind of movie, you should check it out. We give it 6 kicks out of 10.
    There is a lot of violence, both "karate" and the more action oriented killings, throughout the movie. While none of it is very graphic, many people are injured or killed. There's almost no profanity and just one minor sexual reference. If you and your kids can accept the stereotypical bad guys and their resulting violence, and if you don't mind the possibility of kicks and punches flying through your house, this film may be okay. But as always read through all of the category listings before making your decision.

  • Panther and his men are seen drinking beer.
  • A general has a drink.
  • The investors, including Big Brother, are out in the jungle negotiating with a General to buy heroin (but none of it, nor use of it, is seen).
  • A man's head is bloody after being bashed with a large, and very solid, piece of fruit.
  • A few gun and fight battle victims show a little bit of blood here and there, but not much.
  • Several soldiers are seen on fire as they're blown from their stations by explosions.
  • Of course all of the bad guys have bad attitudes (especially the ones that kill without remorse).
  • Chan has a little chauvinism in him as he finds it amusing that someone so attractive as Yang can be in charge of such an important operation.
  • If you find martial art fighting scenes tense, then this movie is very tense. However, no scenes are intended that way, and thus we give the rating of "none."
  • Machine guns/Hand guns/Rifles: Used throughout the movie to wound or kill people. For details see "Violence."
  • Stun gun: Used during a fight to shock many people including Chan.
  • Grenade Launchers: Used during a big gun battle to blow up many huts and kill many people.
  • Knife: Used by a man to try and slice Yang.
  • Many of the martial art fighting scenes may cause kids to imitate such action. This of course includes kicking, punching, standing in "karate" poses and from one scene, smashing bricks onto one's head and boards onto other people's bodies.
  • Phrases: "Shut up," "I hate you," and "Balls" (ie. Testicles).
  • None.
  • Just a few scenes are accompanied by minor tense music.
  • There are a few rap songs (added just for the American audience) that may contain objectionable lyrics but we couldn't understand what was being said in them. But they don't last long if there is something bad in them.
  • 1 "s" word, 5 Hell's, 2 damn's, and 1"ass" word.
  • There is a misunderstanding where Panther and others think that Chan's girlfriend is a prostitute when she spots him working undercover and starts yelling at him, and of course, he must act like he doesn't know her.
  • Later, when Chan's girlfriend sees Panther approaching, she puts on the hooker act, saying that she doesn't care how much money he has, that she'd rather spend time with Panther, and then says "Do you think I'd sleep with you?" to Chan.
  • Quite a few people are seen smoking cigarettes or cigars in the backgrounds of scenes, but neither Chan nor Yang smoke.
  • None.
  • Why the actor's voices don't match their lip movements.
  • There is, of course, the requisite martial arts fighting scenes that the movie is filled with. Punches and kicks are thrown to many parts of many different people, some with violent intentions, others not.
  • Two workers in a prison camp start a fake fight which distracts the guards allowing several prisoners to escape. During the escape, one of them is shot in the arm by a guard. Others fight with guards and then another inmate is shot in the back.
  • Panther shoots one of his own men dead who he thinks has betrayed him.
  • There's a big fight scene in a restaurant where some guards recognize Panther and Chan and try to capture them. A stun gun, broken bottle, and many hands are feet are used as weapons in the fight.
  • Yang says that she killed a cop during the fight (she's lying so that Panther will let her come along with his gang).
  • Chan and Yang slap each other in the face as they pose as brother and sister having a family quarrel.
  • Panther, Chan, and Yang and another man flee the harbor police on a boat that the police shoot at. Panther turns the boat around and runs over several police boats, injuring and killing several people. The other man on Panther's boat is shot and falls off. A police boat explodes after being run over and the three finally get away.
  • Big Brother tells his men to kill Chan and Yang when they first arrive at his place. The two must fight off the armed men and then find out that it was just a set up by Big Brother to test their mettle.
  • Big Brother's men drown one of their own in a swimming pool for disobeying BB.
  • Big Brother smashes another investor's head onto a table and then bashes it with a large and very solid piece of fruit, causing some blood to spill.
  • There's a big gun battle among the drug investors inside a large jungle hut. Big Brother's men then fire grenades into many of the huts, blowing them up. Machine guns are fired by the military and many people are killed.
  • Chan shoots four soldiers with his machine guns.
  • Yang accidentally throws a grenade inside the hut she and Chan are standing in. They jump out just in time as it explodes.
  • Big Brother shoots Yang in the chest, knocking her to the ground. She's okay, however, due to the Kevlar vest she's wearing (she thought it was filled instead with explosives, but BB knew differently).
  • To keep her from blowing Chan's cover, Yang pushes Chan's girlfriend into a swimming pool. Panther then kicks a different woman into the same pool.
  • Panther hits Chan on the head and kicks Yang in the chest when he learns their real identities.
  • Panther takes Chan's girlfriend hostage and has her tied to a chair.
  • There is some property violence as police cars run into other cars and a large truck runs into them as Panther's girlfriend is freed from a police van.
  • Panther drops Chan's girlfriend from a helicopter where she lands on top of a car.
  • There's a big final chase/fight sequence where: Police fire at Panther in his helicopter. A driver tries to run over Chan's car. A man shoots through the roof of a truck at Yang who's on top who returns fire into the roof. Yang falls from the truck and lands on Chan's car. Panther fires a grenade at Chan but hits another car which explodes. Panther shoots a pedestrian with a shot from his gun. Chan hangs from a ladder attached to Panther's helicopter and they try to ram him into building, then through a billboard and then at an oncoming train.
  • The copter's ladder gets stuck on the train, and then there are many fights on top of the moving train. A man tries to slice Yang with his knife. Chan is nearly hit by the helicopter blade. A man is bonked on the head by a passing sign. The helicopter hits a trestle and explodes which then runs into Panther, killing him.

  • Reviewed July 28, 1996

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