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(1996) (Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds) (R)

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A mother turned stripper must deal with the amorous affection of a U.S. Congressman and a group of menacing sugar industry employees.
Erin Grant (DEMI MOORE) is a woman who's just lost her marriage, her job and her daughter all because of her wheel chair stealing, drug using ex-husband, Darrell (ROBERT PATRICK). She's most upset that a judge ruled in Darrell's favor and now she can only see her daughter for two hours every two weeks. She needs money to wage another court battle, so what does she do? She becomes a stripper at the Eager Beaver strip joint. She seems quite natural at it, and certainly has the body for it that attracts U.S. Congressman David Dilbeck (BURT REYNOLDS), a sleazy, womanizing alcoholic. He sees her as his heaven sent angel, and will do anything to have her. Unfortunately for Dilbeck, several people spot him at the strip joint and decide to blackmail him. This doesn't sit well with his sugar industry pals who've financed a great part of Dilbeck's political career. So they decide to eliminate the problems, which they soon believe includes Erin. This brings the attention of Al Garcia (ARMAND ASSANTE), a cop who starts investigating the murders as well as Shad (VING RHAMES), the strip joint's bouncer, who will do anything to protect "his girls." From then on, Erin must figure out how to get her daughter back while dealing with Dilbeck's advances and his dangerous sugar industry goons.
Teenage boys will go crazy if they can't see this film, but few other age groups will be interested.
For nudity, erotic dancing and language.
  • DEMI MOORE plays a woman who will do anything to protect her daughter. That includes stripping for money (in a strip joint and for a private audience) and taking her daughter against the court's ruling. Although she does all of this for her child's well being, it's doubtful anyone would see her as a good role model.
  • BURT REYNOLDS plays a sleazy, boozing, womanizing politician. He doesn't have even the slimmest chance of being a good role model.
  • VING RHAMES plays the strip joint's bouncer and he does really care for the women's safety. However, he uses violence to solve problems and tries to find ways to make a quick, and illegal buck. Therefore, he isn't a good role model either.
  • ROBERT PATRICK plays a mean spirited thief and drug user who also isn't a good role model.


  • Erin states that Darrell is addicted to drugs while pleading to get custody of her daughter Angela.
  • Customers are often seen drinking beer or mixed drinks at the club.
  • Darrell's brother-in-law offers Erin a wine cooler.
  • Shad waters down the whiskey at the club.
  • The sugar guys are seen drinking martinis and mixed drinks.
  • Dilbeck drinks wine.
  • Darrell's is knocked to the floor by his sister after he takes too many Veterinary morphine pills that she's given him.
  • Darrell drinks out a brown bag and then takes more morphine pills.
  • A woman eats yogurt with a cockroach in it and crunches it up.
  • A dead man is found floating in a lake. There's no blood or gore, but it is a dead body.
  • A dead lawyer is seen lying on a table with a torn up face (from crabs eating away at it).
  • An enthusiastic spectator tells Erin that he's getting married soon (and yet there he is, dancing with her).
  • Darrell steals wheelchairs from hospitals to make money.
  • Darrell's brother-in-law comes on to Erin who scoots away from him.
  • Shad puts a cockroach into his yogurt so that he can later try to sue the manufacturer.
  • To prove his unwavering devotion to Erin, Jerry states that he'll take care of her custody problems by blackmailing Dilbeck.
  • A lawyer wants to blackmail Dilbeck and the sugar industry people who finance him.
  • Dilbeck states that he'd be good to his wife, but that he'd also have a mistress.
  • Dilbeck is quite two-faced, he's sex crazed and doesn't mind cheating on his wife, yet he attends a young Christians meeting and espouses the virtues of family values.
  • Dilbeck's aide thinks that Erin is just "a dumb whore."
  • Dilbeck asks Erin to marry him and states that he'll leave his wife.
  • Just some minor stuff here and there, but most of the scenes where Erin is in danger don't feel that way and the audience doesn't worry about her safety.
  • There's a scene where a python starts strangling a stripper that should be a tense scene, but it's played for laughs.
  • Handgun: Pulled by one of Dilbeck's aides to keep everyone away from his boss in the club.
  • Cordless power drill: Used by Shad to intimidate a lawyer by holding it to his neck.
  • Handgun: Darrell grabs his sister's gun when she's not looking and pockets it.
  • Knife: Held against Erin's throat by Darrell as he threatens to kill her.
  • Handgun: Used by Darrell as he confronts Dilbeck's aide. He pulls the trigger several times, but the gun's empty.
  • Handgun: Used by Erin to "kidnap" Dilbeck and Darrell.
  • Handguns: Used by the sugar goons to fire at Demi as she "kidnaps" Dilbeck and Darrell.
  • Handguns: Used by the sugar goons to threaten Demi, Dilbeck and Darrell. But they're stopped and Garcia uses his handgun to shoot the handgun from one of the bad guy's hands.
  • Phrases: "Shut up," " Idiot," "Moron," "Shut up," "Bitch," and "Suck my d*ck."
  • Darrell downs a mouthful of morphine pills from a bottle.
  • None.
  • Just some minor stuff during the Erin in peril scenes toward the movie's end.
  • None.
  • 9 "f" words, 20 "s" words, 10 "ass" words, 5 damns, 2 SOB's, 2 hells, 5 slang terms for sex ("Nail," "Porking," and "Screw"), 2 slang terms for female genitals ("Poontang" and "Wahoo"), 1 slang term for male genitals (the "d" word used in the phrase "Suck my d*ck"), and 7 uses of "God," and one of "Jesus" as exclamations.
  • Being a story about strippers, there are many scenes with them where they are often topless and wearing only thong bikini bottoms. Many bare breasts and butts are seen throughout the movie, including Erin's that are seen quite often.
  • In addition, the strippers dance in a sexually seductive fashion and Erin displays most of this behavior. She's seen thrusting her pelvis in and out, rubbing a tie against her crotch, running her hand along her crotch, and wrapping a tie around a customer's head and pulling it against her crotch.
  • Men often place money into the strippers' garters or thong bikinis.
  • Darrell's brother-in-law comes on to Erin who scoots away from him.
  • Dilbeck says that he loves naked women.
  • The club owner tells Shad that prozac gives you a limp noodle and that he "...hasn't had a hard on since I owned this place," and that the last thing that got him hot was a porpoise at Sea World.
  • Erin's bare breasts are seen as she drys her hair and dances around in her apartment.
  • There is talk that a judge had a heart attack while at a porno theater.
  • One of the strippers (looking through a home magazine) says, "Can't you see me and Steven Speilberg together in the shower?"
  • Dilbeck tells his aide that he wants to possess (Erin's) "...actual velvet self." He also wants something intensely personal of hers to tide himself over while he waits for her. His aide goes and gets lint from her dryer and returns it to Dilbeck. He's later seen smelling the lint, and walks around covered with Vaseline. Even later, he states that he "made love" to that lint.
  • Dilbeck accidentally calls himself "Congressman Dildo."
  • Darrell tells Shad, "Suck my d*ck" and Shad says, "...pull the little fellow out."
  • Shad tells two bodyguards that he personally auditions the dancers, and that he holds their breasts and shakes them to test their firmness (he's joking and trying to rattle them up).
  • Dilbeck states, "For five thousand dollars I expect to get laid. She doesn't know what it's like to make love to a United States Congressman."
  • There is a painting seen right behind Dilbeck that displays two nude women in each other's arms lying on a bed.
  • Erin dances in front of Dilbeck for money and again displays her bare breasts.
  • Dilbeck says, "Just touching your hand sets my pecker on fire."
  • Dilbeck states that he's about to "mount this beauty."
  • Many customers and staff, including the strippers, smoke cigarettes or cigars in the club.
  • Darrell smokes a lot of cigarettes.
  • Garcia smokes quite a few cigars.
  • Erin takes one puff of a cigarette during a performance and then flicks the butt away.
  • Darrell gets custody of their daughter and Erin can only see her for two hours every two weeks.
  • Erin and Darrell argue over what's best for their daughter, sometimes in front of her.
  • Erin's daughter asks her if "snatch" means to kidnap (she wonders if her mother will do that to her).
  • Erin "snatches" her daughter back after learning that her court case has been pushed back six months.
  • Dilbeck's aide threatens to have Erin's daughter taken away from her if she continues with the blackmailing (although she's not behind that).
  • Stripping and whether it's just another job or something else entirely.
  • Politicians and whether they're all like Dilbeck.
  • Dilbeck grabs a wine bottle and bashes a too enthusiastic fan over the head with it.
  • Shad grabs another enthusiastic spectator (who's moved onto the stage) around the neck and pulls him away.
  • A lawyer hits his nephew (who is in a neck brace) on the back of the head after the nephew states that he's feeling better.
  • Jerry is found floating in a lake and later it's told that he was drowned in a bathtub and then dumped in the lake. There's no blood or gore.
  • Shad uses a cordless power drill as a threatening tool while negotiating with a lawyer (played for laughs).
  • Darrell pops up in the back seat of Erin's car and holds a knife to her, saying that he'll slit her throat. Shad comes to the rescue and grabs the hand holding the knife and breaks Darrell's arm. He then bangs his head against the car and throws Darrell to the ground. Then, he steps down onto his hand, crushing his fingers as Erin runs off to call the police.
  • Erin takes her high heeled shoe and smashes Dilbeck's hand, telling him to keep out of her private life or "I'll kill you."
  • A replacement python begins strangling a stripper until she falls to the floor where Shad eventually gets it off her (played for laughs).
  • Darrell, wearing a splint made from a broken golf club, hits Dilbeck's aide. Darrell then pulls out a handgun and pulls the trigger several times, but it's empty. The aide then grabs an ax and swings it at Darrell, but misses. Darrell then goes on to beat the aide several times with his splint/golf club.
  • Dilbeck kicks Darrell out of his way.
  • Erin pulls a handgun on Dilbeck and Darrell and marches them out. The sugar bodyguards fire their handguns several times at the threesome as they speed away.
  • Dilbeck's aide has a bloody gash on his head. A limo driver is seen unconscious with a bloody gash and blood on the road beside him (but later is seen okay). Dilbeck says that he hit him on the head with a rock.
  • Dilbeck violently grabs Erin around the neck, but she soon turns him on by talking about them doing "it" and he finally lets her go.
  • Sugar bodyguards pull out their handguns and prepare to shoot Dilbeck and Erin, but Shad and Garcia show up. Shad jumps on two of the bad guys, and Garcia shoots the gun from the hand of the third.

  • Reviewed June 28, 1996

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