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(1996) (Leslie Nielson, Nicollette Sheridan) (PG-13)

Blood/Gore Disrespectful/
Bad Attitude
Tense Scenes
Mild Mild Minor None Extreme
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Smoking Tense Family
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Comedy Spoof: A secret agent must thwart the world domination plans of an evil bad guy while making his way through spoofs of popular movies.
Dick Steele, aka Agent WD-40 (LESLIE NIELSEN) thwarts the plans of evil General Rancor (ANDY GRIFFITH) at the beginning of the movie and believes him dead. But fifteen years later, Rancor is very much alive and kidnaps Barbara Doll, the daughter of Steele's former lover. Rancor plans on sending Doll into orbit strapped to a rocket that will dominate the world via a special microchip heís attempting to obtain. Steele, and ally agent "3.14" (NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN) must then find Rancor and stop his evil plan.
Maybe. If theyíve enjoyed Nielsenís similar genre movies (the "Naked Gun" and "Airplane" series) theyíll want to see this one. Otherwise, there are no other actors to draw them in.
For crude humor and sexual innuendo.
  • LESLIE NIELSEN plays the bumbling, accident prone, yet sure of himself spy.
  • ANDY GRIFFITH plays a character bent on world domination who's willing to kill to get it.
  • NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN plays Nielsen's assistant who's good at beating up bad guys on the way to stop Griffith.


  • Steele drinks some brandy while floating to Earth in a parachute.
  • Steele and a woman are seen drinking wine.
  • Steele orders a drink for himself and a woman while onboard a plane.
  • Steele orders a drink for himself and a woman at a bar.
  • Weird Al Yankovicís head blows up in a big bloody mess (during the opening musical number).
  • A woman spits a lot of spit onto a manís face.
  • There is a small bloody bullet hole in a manís forehead.
  • A horse pees in a hotel elevator (heard but not seen).
  • A brief scene includes a very disrespectful airline passenger who is mean to everyone.
  • A woman says to Rancor, "I thought you loved me" to which he replies, "Nah, I was just using you."
  • The bad guys, of course, have bad attitudes.
  • None.
  • Machine guns/Handguns: There are many scenes where they are carried or are seen falling from the clothing of both good and bad people, but are rarely fired except as noted below.
  • Machine gun: Used to kill a mime (and shot with a pillow in front of it so as to be "silent").
  • Bombs: Used to blow up two helicopters and one rocket.
  • Unseen gun: Used by an assassin that's shot misses Steele but hits another man in the forehead, killing him.
  • Knife/Sword/Scalpel: Thrown separately at Steele that instead land in a bystanderís chest.
  • Machine guns: Fired by nuns (who are working for Rancor) at Steele.
  • Phrases: "Shut up," "Loser," "Dickweed," "Piss," and "You scum bag poop."
  • A silhouetted figure that swims by (in the spoof of the James Bond openings) passes gas and bubbles float away from her.
  • A woman spits a large wad of spit onto a manís face.
  • There is a flatulence scene that of course includes exaggerated sounds.
  • Some teens dressed as punks have nose rings with chains and brightly colored mohawk haircuts.
  • A cab driver/agent drives the wrong way down a one way street.
  • None.
  • A spoof of the movie "Speed" includes minor tense music during an out of control bus scene.
  • None.
  • 2 Hell's, 2 damns, 1 S.O.B., many uses of "Dick" (his name, but also as double entendres), and uses of "Good God," and "For Godís sakes" as exclamations.
  • There is a lot of sexual innuendo, particularly focused on the name Dick Steele (such as "all the dicks youíve got wonít stop me now..." "You havenít seen the size of some of our new members...").
  • The line, "My putterís up" is said to a woman in bed after a golfer on an alarm clock raises his putter, but she takes it to mean something else.
  • A brief exchange between Steele and a secretary includes but is not limited to the phrases: "hard, rigid, we donít want to blow it, deep undercover" etc... used as sexual innuendo.
  • As Steele examines 3.14's pendant, his eyes focus on her cleavage and he says "I havenít seen too many like these..."
  • In a spoof of the musical opening of James Bond films, silhouetted and shapely women are seen swimming by.
  • Two women are seen in skimpy bikinis.
  • Steele is seen in bed with a woman who's wearing a teddy.
  • Steele and a woman begin eyeing each other, which then leads to suggestive lip licking, and quickly moves into making goofy faces at each other.
  • As Steele passes by the secretary, sheís stretched out on her desk only wearing lingerie.
  • X-ray glasses allow an agent to see what people have under their clothes. He looks at one agent and finds that heís wearing womens' under garments.
  • Among the items found on a woman are a vibrator and a condom.
  • A manís bare buttocks are seen up against a window pane.
  • There is a sign, "Our Lady of the Never Had the Pickle" on a covenant that Steele visits.
  • Steele and agent 3.14 are seen in bed under the sheets. They begin to kiss and then there is the shot of a missile taking off. Later, itís assumed theyíve just had sex, and she shows quite a bit of her thigh in bed.
  • Steele smokes a cigar during a parachute trip.
  • A cab driver/agent smokes a cigar and later a cigarette.
  • A woman smokes a cigarette.
  • A woman is seen smoking a cigar.
  • Another woman smokes a cigarette.
  • None.
  • Just the fact that the movie is a spoof and is meant to be viewed as such.
  • Most of the violence is very cartoonish in nature and played for laughs. Kids who can take it for its comical value will be all right. Little kids who take it at face value may see it as rather violent.
  • A helicopter blows up.
  • Steele drops his brandy bottle that accidentally hits a jogger and knocks him out.
  • A mime is beat up (because he "wouldnít talk") and is then shot dead.
  • Another helicopter is blown up, this time from an explosive Steele placed on the copter.
  • A woman falls to her death from a cliff edge.
  • Weird Al Yankovicís head blows up during the opening musical number because he sang one note too long.
  • Steele bangs the Presidentís head against a limo as he tries to get him inside.
  • The presidentís sedan falls off a closed bridge into the water below.
  • Steele and an old buddy slap each other on the shoulders and then, thinking the otherís getting too rough, start hitting each other harder until punches are being thrown to the face and gut.
  • Steeleís friend is killed by a piano falling on him (we donít see the act, just the results).
  • Steele accidentally fires a flame thrower that ignites the hair of "Michael Jackson" who then proceeds to jump out a window.
  • Steele and a woman assassin have a karate fight where he finally bashes her over the head with some room debris.
  • A driver of a car runs over a womanís foot, flattening it like a pancake.
  • An assassin misses shooting Steele and hits another man in the head who then keels over dead.
  • Rancorís hit men show up to beat Steele with baseball bats, but the woman heís with proceeds to beat them up with punches and kicks.
  • A hit man throws a knife that misses Steele but lands in a bystanderís chest. This becomes a running joke as this same bystander is impaled two more times by a sword and then a scalpel.
  • There is a "Home Alone" spoof where a young kid thwarts the bad guys by making them fall and then hitting them with paint cans. This time, however, they capture the kid, throw him out the window and then drag him up some stairs banging his head on each step. Theyíre paying him (a kid playing Mccauley Caulkin) back for all the movies he was in.
  • A man is used as a battering ram by the bad guys as they try to break down a door.
  • Agent 3.14 is abducted by Rancorís men. Steele tries to save her but is punched often in the face and falls to the street.
  • A man jumps from a building and lands on top of a passerby.
  • A scientist slugs Steele to prevent him from smashing a microchip.
  • A hitman pushes a nun to the floor.
  • Steele wraps a blood pressure strap around a nunís neck and pumps it up until her eyes literally bulge out, and then hits her on the head with a bedpan.
  • A dinosaur (yes, thatís right) on Rancorís island eats one of the bad guys.
  • There is a big fight scene at the end, with lots of punches and kicks and wrestler Hulk Hogan, among others, showing up and fighting the bad guys.

  • Reviewed May 25, 1996

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