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(1996) (Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins, Brian Hooks) (R)

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An overweight teen and his "Romeo" friend take a trip to the beach to look for fun and women.
Benny (JERMAINE "HUGGY" HOPKINS), is an overweight young man whose father makes him get a job flipping burgers during the summer. Benny would rather be taking a poetry class, but his sex crazed friend, Durrel (BRIAN HOOKS), has other ideas. He talks Benny into quitting his job, taking his father's Mercedes and heading to the beach for sun, fun and sex. Once there, Durrel gets it on with many women while Benny, concerned that he'll never "get any" due to his size, falls in love with Candice (CLAUDIA KALEEM), a buxom young woman who's only interested in rich guys. Beyond that, there's a volleyball game that everyone gets involved in, but that's about it for plot in this lightweight picture.
Teens interested in seeing some sex, nudity and lots of buxom women in skimpy bikinis will.
For sexuality, nudity and strong language.
  • JERMAINE "HUGGY" HOPKINS plays a teen who's dragged to the beach and who quits his job and smokes pot in one scene, but other than that, is just a lonely young man who'd rather being writing poetry than chasing girls.
  • BRIAN HOOKS plays a testosterone filled young man who wants only to have sex with as many women as he can and then move on to the next ones.
  • CLAUDIA KALEEM plays a conceited young woman who's only interested in guys if they're wealthy.


    OUR TAKE: 1 out of 10
    This movie is just an excuse to show buxom women in (and out) of very small and tight fitting thong bikinis, to play rap music, and to go straight to video as fast as possible. As a matter of fact, I sat alone in a three hundred seat theater over the weekend watching this movie. The best thing we can say about the movie is that it won't be in the theaters long. It's really bad. We give it just a 1 out of 10.
    Sex and nudity are the focus of this movie. There are several sex scenes (no private parts are seen), but some hip thrusting and the sounds of people having sex and seen and heard. Profanity is extreme, including numerous sexual references and there is one drug scene (marijuana smoking). Although Benny waits to have sex (we don't know if he loses his virginity, but we guess not), Durrel is a sex machine and is seen with many different women and gives the message that women are for sex and the more women you can sleep with the better. As always, read through all of the listings before making your decision.

  • Benny tells Durrel that being addicted to "p*ssy" is like being addicted to crack (cocaine). Durrel reminds him that to be addicted to crack, one first has to try it.
  • People are seen drinking in a strip joint.
  • Durrel drinks a beer in the strip joint.
  • Some foreign women in the hotel room are seen drinking beer and have recently been drinking shots (of Vodka?).
  • Durrel and the foreign women smoke pot and Durrel then puts pressure on Benny to take a hit and he does.
  • Two women on the beach are drinking wine coolers.
  • People are seen drinking at a party outside the hotel.
  • None.
  • Durrel has both toward women as he sees them only as sexual objects and once he's been with them, he moves on to the next. Benny asks Durrel "How can you reduce a woman just to an ass?" Durell responds, "It's easy."
  • Women are often referred to as "bitches."
  • Durrel talks Benny into quitting his job and driving to the beach in Benny's father's car.
  • Many people, including Benny's own family, ridicule him for his weight and he's called many names such as "fatso," and "chubby."
  • Benny and Durrel pick up two foreign women and get them to pay for their hotel room (that the four will share) and then make the women stay there while they go out to find other women.
  • Durrel and another man have a bet as to who will have sex with Candice first (and Durrel uses Benny's boom box as his bet).
  • A man steals a box of sunglasses out of Benny's car trunk.
  • Candice wants only to be with wealthy men.
  • During the credits a man comes up behind a woman and grabs her butt.
  • None.
  • None.
  • The way Durrel treats women.
  • Phrases: "Jerk off," "Bitch," "Beach bitches," "Stupid," "Fatso," "Chubby," and "Shut up."
  • Durrel thrusts his hips back and forth (in a sexual manner) in several scenes.
  • Durrel gives "the finger" to someone.
  • They speed twice in the Mercedes (and are twice pulled over by the police).
  • None.
  • None.
  • Several rap songs have the word "hell" in them and they may have worse material but we couldn't understand many of the lyrics. We'll have to say that adults probably won't hear anything else, but kids might pick up on other material (ah, to have young, sensitive ears again).
  • 38 "f" words (6 used sexually, 7 with the prefix "mother"), 31 "s" words, 20 "ass" words, 9 hells (and many more in a rap song), 8 damns, 7 slang terms for female genitals (the "p" word), 3 slang terms for male genitals (the "d" word and "Mr. Peppy"), 2 slang terms for breasts (the "t" word), and 2 uses of "God damn," and 1 use each of "Jesus Christ" and "Good Lord" as exclamations.
  • Benny has many fantasies where bikini clad women clamor all over him, including one where he's seen in a speedo type bathing suit that shows his butt.
  • In general, many buxom women are seen in skimpy bikinis throughout the film.
  • Durrel has just one thing on his mind throughout the entire movie. And that's to have sex with as many women as he can. He hits on every attractive woman he can find. He claims that all women want to do is have sex.
  • Durrel, trying to convince Benny that artistic types also desire sex, tells him, "You don't think Van Gough got laid?"
  • A young woman in a thong bikini is seen on top of Durrel on the sofa. She sits up and displays her breasts to him. Nothing else happens as they're interrupted by Benny and as she gets up we see most of her butt (in the thong).
  • Benny tells Durrel that he thinks he's addicted to "p*ssy" (even though he's a virgin).
  • Durrel thrusts his hips back and forth (in a sexual manner) in several scenes.
  • Benny is a virgin and is worried that he won't be "able to get any" due to his appearance.
  • The guys go to a strip joint and many topless women in thong bikini bottoms are seen dancing and grinding. Benny gets his own private dancer who exposes her breasts and grinds her body over him.
  • Durrel asks Benny, "What are you, a butt pirate?" (meaning homosexual) when Benny doesn't live up to Durrel's wild sex life.
  • It's implied that Durrel and another man have sex with the two foreign women.
  • Durrel describes a woman to Benny as "..she's into crazy sex, she doesn't care who it's with."
  • The other man and one of the foreign women are seen in bed together, she on top of him (but there's no movement and no nudity).
  • Durrel and another man have a bet as to who will have sex with Candice first.
  • Benny finds Durrel having sex with a woman in the back seat of their car. There's no nudity, but Durrel is between the woman's legs and is thrusting his hips back and forth.
  • Benny asks Durrel "Do you like the girl good enough to bounce her on your d*ck?"
  • The two foreign women return to the hotel room with two men and pull them down on top of them on the bed. Benny leaves and then we hear the sounds of wild sex occurring as Benny sits out in the hall.
  • Durrel talks on the phone to the police impound lot about getting his car back and says, "A hundred and fifty dollars? Do I get a blow (job) with that?"
  • Benny's father asks his wife "How ‘bout some lovin' for Mr. Peppy?" while they're in bed. She tells him to go to sleep.
  • Durrel tells Benny that "...friends are just girls you haven't f*cked yet."
  • More bare breasts are seen during the credits at the end of the movie.
  • During the credits a man comes up behind a woman and grabs her butt.
  • People smoke in a strip joint.
  • Benny's parents argue with each other (mostly about a trip they're taking) in front of their daughter.
  • Wanting to be with someone for something more than just sex (Durrel) or money (Candice).
  • Durrel gets ready to fight with another man who "stole" his stripper from him, but they're pushed apart before anything happens.
  • A bodyguard at a bikini contest tosses Durrel off the stage after he harasses the contestants.
  • A woman throws her drink on Durrel.
  • Benny goes after a guy (who's just had their car towed) but Durrel keeps them apart.
  • During the credits a man comes up behind a woman and grabs her butt and then tosses her aside.

  • Reviewed August 4, 1996

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