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(1996) (Michael Keaton, Andie McDowell) (PG-13)

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A harried construction worker mistakenly thinks that cloning himself will create more free time and allow for a more relaxed family lifestyle.
Doug Kinney (MICHAEL KEATON), a harried construction worker, finds he has less time for work, his family or himself to spend with his family than ever before. By a lucky dramatic coincidence, one of his building projects is for the Gemini Institute, a genetics lab that is conducting cloning experiments. Offered the chance to have more time for "himself," Doug agrees to have himself cloned. He arranges for his clone, "Number Two," to take care of work (which works out fine since clones have the same memories as the originals and therefore fit in perfectly) allowing Doug to have more quality time at home. He finds, however, that he's working just as hard at home since his wife, Laura (ANDIE MacDOWELL) has gone back to work and he's now saddled with all of the household chores. So he has "Number Three" created to take care of the home, giving Doug time to play golf and go to L.A. Laker games. Soon though, Doug finds that his life is more complicated as he has to handle the two clones who are now developing their own distinct personalities. In addition, they create their own clone, "Number Four." From then on, Doug must work hard to keep the other "Dougs" away from his wife, keep his job, and his sanity.
Probably. A comedy about clones staring "Batman" (Keaton) will draw them in.
For sexual situations.
  • MICHAEL KEATON plays four distinct characters. Doug is a hard working, stressed out man who tries to take the easy (science fiction) way out, but eventually learns the way to have more time for himself and his family. Number Two is also hard working, but is more of a bachelor slob. Number Three is an effeminate homemaker with no bad traits. Number Four is a genetic dimwit, an immature child in an adult's body who will immediately appeal to the base instincts in most kids.
  • ANDIE MacDOWELL plays the loving wife who obviously thinks her husband is going crazy since every time she sees "him" he acts differently.


    OUR TAKE: 7 out of 10
    Drawing from the mistaken identity plots from Greek comedies to modern sitcoms, this movie doesn't disappoint. While somewhat slow in the family drama scenes, the screen comes alive when one or more of the Keatons shows up. He has funny little responses here and there and then really takes off during his efforts to keep the over "Dougs" hidden from his wife, which is downright hilarious. This is the best and funniest comedy of the year so far and includes a hilarious love making sequence between Laura and Doug, and Doug, and Doug. We give it a 7 out of 10.
    The previously mentioned scene between Laura and the Dougs is the biggest objectionable section of the movie. Although no nudity is shown or profanity uttered, the sequence has a naughty feel about it. (Although she thinks it's "her Doug" all along, we know differently and the fact that the clones have such distinct personalities makes it seem like she's having an affair -- and she even mentions something to that effect). Beyond that, the dim-witted "Number Four" clone will appeal to the kids' base instincts and might provide undesirable imitative behavior.

  • Number Two drinks a beer.
  • People drink wine at a restaurant.
  • Doug and Number Two drink beer.
  • A sailing instructor and a woman drink champagne on their boat.
  • Number Two is seen drinking.
  • None.
  • An incompetent construction worker always shows up late for work and always has lame excuses for doing so.
  • Number Two has his co-worker carted away in a porta john while inside it.
  • The clones (acting as "Doug") aren't always nice to Laura, so much so that she slaps one of them and moves out based on another's actions -- but one has to remember that they aren't the "real" Doug.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "Morons," "Shut up," "Doodie head," "Sucks," "Screwing around," and "Puke face."
  • Number Two picks his nose.
  • Their little girl, Jennifer, beats on her dinner plate with her utensils, making quite a racket.
  • Laura gives someone "the finger."
  • Number Two gives the international gesture for male masturbation when referring to a lie he thinks Number three is telling.
  • Number Four (the dim-witted one) squirts shaving lotion in his mouth and "shaves" his tongue with a razor (the blade's been taken out -- but kids do imitate the strangest things).
  • Number Four puts popcorn up his nose and then blows it out across the room.
  • Number Four is a sloppy eater and lets food and beverage run down his face and onto his clothes and in one scene, licks a pizza (instead of eating it) and then puts it in his wallet and pockets it.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • 4 "s" words, 14 hells, 6 "ass" words, 2 damns, 1 slang term for penis (the "d" word), and 4 uses of "God," 2 uses of "Jesus," and 1 use each of "Oh my God," and "Geez Louise," as exclamations.
  • As Number Two is on a date with a co-worker, she tells him she thought he was married. He says he is, but that his wife, Laura, is sleeping with another man (which is true -- the original Doug).
  • Doug asks Number Three if he had sex with Laura after he found Number Three in bed with her (he was just acting like Doug since Doug was late getting home). Number Three says no, but then says that she "brushed him in 'that' region."
  • Doug makes a rule: "Nobody has sex with my wife but me. No clone nookie."
  • Number Two "dirty dances" with a woman (suggestive, close dancing with grinding motions) while she rubs her hands across his body.
  • Innuendo: Number Two says (about the woman he picked up at the convenience store), "She offered to nuke my corn dog."
  • A sailing instructor tells Doug that he should bring Laura along on a sailing trip where the two of them would be left alone to make love on deck.
  • Laura (thinking she's with the original Doug) comes on to "Number Three" in bed and does something with her hand (under the sheets) that gets him all in a dither. She says they can make love right there. Later they're still seen in bed and it's implied that they had sex.
  • Moments after the above, Laura encounters Number Two in the kitchen (and still thinking this is "her" Doug), says "Doug I want you," and climbs on top of his lap. He then carries her over to the sofa, tosses her on it, and then jumps on top of her. It's implied that they have sex.
  • Moments after that, Laura encounters Number Four who's soaking wet from being outside in a rainstorm (where she thinks "her" Doug has just gone). She takes him upstairs, pulls off his wet pants (no nudity is shown) and gets a horny, surprised look on her face as she sees the condition of what's in front of her (that's all implied by the look on her face) and says, "Doug, again?" And it's implied that they have sex.
  • When confronted by Doug, Number Four says (about his "encounter" with Laura), "She touched by 'peppie.'"
  • Some women are seen in skimpy bikinis at a takeout restaurant.
  • Doug's boss often has a cigar in his mouth and occasionally smokes it.
  • Number Two smokes.
  • There are a few scenes where Doug and Laura argue about their jobs (him working and she not, and dividing household and child rearing duties).
  • Laura, fed up with "Doug," (actually the clones pretending to be Doug) takes the kids and goes to her parents.
  • Cloning and whether clones exist (tell your kids to check for belly buttons -- clones don't have them!)
  • Doug jokingly asks Laura if the lesbian moms were at his daughter's camp fire girls graduation (after she tells him that he was the only parent to miss it).
  • Younger kids might not understand which Doug is which and the other Dougs are seen with other women (than Laura) which might make some think that "Doug" is cheating on his wife. Maybe, maybe not, but we figured we should include that just in case.
  • Doug tells an incompetent worker (in frustration), "I'm going to take a hammer and beat you to death with it."
  • Number Two forcibly removes (ie. pushes) an incompetent worker from a construction site after firing him.
  • There's a lot of slapstick violence (people being knocked over, things pushed off tables) as Doug and Number Two try not to let Laura and a date, respectively, see each other or the other Doug as they leave a restaurant (I know, it sounds confusing -- but it's funny and just slapstick, with no mean intentions).
  • When Doug catches Number Two and Three having a late night party with two women, he tells Number Two, "I'll hit you so hard, I'll kill him (Number Three)."
  • Number Three bangs Number Two on the head to keep him in bed (he's sick and wants to go to work and Number Three won't let him).
  • Laura smacks Number Two on the face when she gets mad at him.
  • Doug, carrying some flowers for Laura, uses them to hit Number Three when he learns that Number Three slept with Laura.
  • Slapstick: A construction brick falls onto Number Four's head.

  • Reviewed July 14, 1996

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