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(1996) (Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz) (R)

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Drama: A deadly love triangle begins when a man attends his brother's wedding and the bride decides to run off with him.
Jjaks Clayton (KEANU REEVES), a former convict, returns home to attend the wedding of his brother Sam (VINCENT D'ONOFRIO) and former stripper Freddie (CAMERON DIAZ). Jjaks and Sam have always been competitive and Freddie's immediate attraction to Jjaks heats this up once again. Freddie wants out since she's been forced to marry Sam due to allegedly owing money to Red (DELROY LINDO), the strip club owner and Sam's boss. Sam is jealous and angry that Freddie has run off with Jjaks and thus hunts them down with the help of corrupt cop Ben Costikyan (DAN AYKROYD). After a deadly incident, Jjaks must avoid the police and deal with his brother who's out to frame him.
Not unless they're fans of Reeves, Diaz or Aykroyd.
For violence, sexuality and language.
  • None of the characters played by KEANU REEVES , VINCENT D'ONOFRIO or CAMERON DIAZ are good role models.


    OUR TAKE: 2 out of 10
    After a fun credit sequence to the strains of Johnny Cash, this movie falls apart. Sure, it's a dark, supposedly comic tale of a brotherly love triangle, but none of the characters are appealing and the movie pulls a big surprise on us toward the end that just isn't believable. The acting's pretty rough and it doesn't take long before you'll tire of the brothers' incessant fighting. It almost seems like the film makers were striving for a "Pulp Fiction" type movie, but didn't succeed. We give this clunker a 2 out of 10.
    This is a rather dark and depressing film. There's a good amount of domestic violence, and three sexual scenes that you probably won't want younger kids seeing. There's also a good amount of graphic violence and killings and none of the characters present positive role modeling for kids. You should read through the category listings if you're thinking of allowing your kids to see this movie.

  • Jjaks and Freddie drink beer at the wedding reception. Others drink champagne.
  • Jjaks and Freddie drink champagne as they drive down the road.
  • Jjaks is later seen drinking beer and whiskey.
  • Red mentions the "joints you smoked" to Sam while discussing how he ripped him off.
  • Jjaks' ear is very bloody after Sam has bitten off part of it. The bitten off part is seen on the floor and soon Jjak's shirt is rather bloody from the wound.
  • Sam carries Freddie's very bloody body into a motel room.
  • Red has many bloody gunshot wounds after Sam's shot him.
  • Sam gets shot in the arm by a ricocheting bullet that creates a bloody hole.
  • Freddie shows Jjaks the entrance and exit wounds on her side from where Sam shot her.
  • Blood splatters across the room as Sam gets shot.
  • Nearly everyone has a bad or disrespectful attitude in this film.
  • Freddie is forced into marriage by Red and they've tattooed the word "Slut" on her arm.
  • It's stated that Jjaks has been in prison before, and during the wedding ceremony he steals a car and then holds up a gas station.
  • Det. Costikyan is a bad cop and often uses violence to make his point.
  • Jjaks breaks a pet store's window and steals a dog from inside as he and Freddie begin their escape.
  • Sam steals a truck at a gas station after he's locked his keys in his car.
  • Sam tries to set up Jjaks as the person who shot Freddie.
  • Sam makes fun of a cop who stutters.
  • Some may find the scenes listed under "Violence" as tense, but few are played out that way.
  • Jjaks must keep the police from discovering that Freddie is actually dead and not sleeping in a motel room.
  • Handguns: Used in the movie to threaten, inflict harm or kill several people. See "Violence" for details.
  • Jjaks and Sam are seen playing with cap guns as kids.
  • In two different scenes (one as kids, the other as adults), Jjaks and Sam play "rock, scissors, paper" and the loser places his hand down on a tree stump and the other punches it as hard as he can.
  • Freddie gives Det. Costikyan "the finger."
  • A man in a phone booth gives Sam "the finger" after Sam tries to get the man to leave.
  • Jjaks is seen tossing beer and whiskey bottles off to the side where they shatter (ie. littering).
  • Phrases: "Kiss my ass," and "Bastard."
  • Sam and Jjaks throw rocks at each other from across a road.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • 55 "f" words (1 with the prefix "mother" and one used sexually), 26 "s" words, 6 "ass" words, 3 damns, 2 SOB's, 2 slang terms for male genitals (the "p" and "c" words), and 7 uses of "Jesus," 2 each of "Oh my God," "Christ," and "For Christ's sake," and 1 use each of "God" and "Jesus Christ" as exclamations.
  • As Red tells Freddie what she's going to do in her marriage to Sam, he includes "Then you're going to suck his c*ck."
  • Jjaks and Freddie have sex in a bathroom during the wedding reception. He's seen pulling down his pants, she her underwear (but no nudity is seen). She then climbs on top of him and begins moving and moaning and this continues until both climax.
  • Freddie asks Jjaks if he wants to "be inside" her again and moments later they're seen having sex in a parked car. Again, no nudity is seen, but sexual movement is and moaning sounds are heard.
  • Sam and Freddie are heard having sex and she tells him it hurts.
  • Freddie tells Jjaks how they can make love after she's done performing in Las Vegas (her career dream). She then moves down his body and performs oral sex on him (not actually seen, but it's heavily implied).
  • Sam tells Jjaks "A blow job feels like love every time," regarding his feelings for Freddie.
  • Vegas showgirls are seen as are their bare breasts and buttocks (in thong-like bottoms).
  • Nearly everyone smokes throughout the entire movie.
  • As a young boy, Jjaks is told by his mother that he'll have to go and live with his father. When he asks why, she says that he was the second born and that she figures she should keep his brother, the first born.
  • Jjaks doesn't get along with either his mother or brother, with whom he fights all of the time.
  • Their mother drops dead at the wedding reception after Jjaks decides to abruptly leave. Later they're seen at her funeral.
  • Arranged marriages and stealing your brother's new bride.
  • In two different scenes (one as kids, the other as adults), Jjaks and Sam play "rock, scissors, paper" and the loser places his hand down on a tree stump and the other punches it as hard as he can.
  • As kids, Jjaks and Sam are seen fighting and throwing rocks at each other.
  • Red and others chase down Freddie on her wedding day and eventually catch her. Red holds a gun to her head and tells her she is going to marry Sam. Later in a car, he hits her as she puts up a fight about the marriage.
  • Jjaks steals a car during the wedding ceremony and then holds up a gas station. The man inside recognizes Jjaks' voice (he's wearing a hood), and when Jjaks won't stop, the man hits him on the head. Jjaks then grabs the man and locks him in another room.
  • Costikyan slams Jjaks onto the hood of his car (after hearing about the gas station hold up).
  • Jjaks breaks a pet store's window and steals a dog from inside as he and Freddie begin their escape.
  • Jjaks goes to Sam's house to steal money from the floor safe. Sam aims his gun at Jjaks and they then fight (punches, wrestling, etc...). Sam ends up biting off part of Jjaks' ear that he then spits onto the floor. Jjaks bleeds quite a lot and his torn and bloody ear is seen. Jjaks then attacks Sam and pummels him with many punches.
  • Jjaks slams Costikyan's head into a car grill. Sam then comes outside and kicks Costikyan in the head.
  • Freddie starts hitting Jjaks in a motel room. He then pushes her around but they stop as the manager knocks on the door.
  • Sam gets into Freddie's car and holds a gun on her. Realizing that she's never going to love him, he shoots her dead. We see the flash, hear the sound, and see her body slump over -- all from a distance.
  • Det. Costikyan hits Jjaks over the head with his gun.
  • Sam knees Jjaks in the crotch. Moments later, Jjaks slugs Sam, knocking him to the ground.
  • Sam and Jjaks throw rocks at each other from across a road.
  • Jjaks attacks Sam (and starts to strangle him) after he learns that he didn't shoot Freddie (which he thought he had), but that Sam did.
  • Red hits Sam after he learns that Sam was ripping him off and then hits him with a baseball bat.
  • Sam pulls out his gun to stop Red's attack, but Red responds by pulling out his own gun. Sam then shoots Red many times.
  • Jjaks attacks a motel manager.
  • The final confrontation occurs when Sam finds Jjaks and the now very alive Freddie. A cop comes in and Sam shoots him dead and then shoots and wounds Jjaks. Jjaks manages to grab Sam and as they struggle Sam ends up getting shot with blood splattering the room.
  • Det. Costikyan smothers Sam with his hand until he's dead.

  • Reviewed September 10, 1996

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