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(1996) (Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler) (R)

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Action: A drug lord's aide finds out that his best friend and accomplice is really an undercover cop.
Rock Keats (DAMAN WAYANS) and Archie Moses (ADAM SANDLER) are best friends and partners in crime. The one thing that Archie doesn't know is that Rock is a cop who's using Archie to get to Colton (JAMES CAAN), a big time drug lord. When he does find out, he ends up accidentally shooting Rock in the head. After rehabilitation, Rock is assigned to bring Archie into custody in hopes of catching Colton who has now put a price on Archie's head. Of course Rock hates Archie for shooting him and Archie feels the same for having been lied to. Eventually they settle their differences as they come together to bring down Colton.
Male teens will, as will fans of Wayans or Sandler.
For strong violence and language, some sexuality and drug use.
  • DAMON WAYANS plays an undercover cop (who helps steal a car while "on the job") who becomes a very bitter and nasty fellow after Sandler shoots him (and no one can blame him). He's a mediocre role model.
  • ADAM SANDLER plays Caan's aide who steals and transports drugs. Not a good role model.
  • JAMES CAAN plays a drug lord who uses deadly violence. He's nowhere close to being a good role model.


    OUR TAKE: 3 out of 10
    This is just another story of opposites being paired together for "laughs and action" based on their differences. Wayans is a black cop and Sandler a white criminal and gee, how many times have we seen that before? At the beginning it seems like it might work with some funny lines being thrown back and forth, but soon the story interrupts them and bogs the whole thing down. After that, really stupid things happen that evoke questions and comments such as: 1) Wow, it takes Rock just about five minutes of music video rehabilitation to fully recover from being shot in the forehead. 2) Why did the snipers shoot and kill all of the cops first before shooting Rock and Archie (who are their primary targets)? 3) How does a plane, that crash lands due to there being no fuel in it, explode after it falls over the edge of a cliff? 4) And why does Rock go to a strip joint and have beers with Archie after having just got off the phone with Colton who says he's going to kill Rock's girlfriend if he doesn't deliver Archie right away? These inane actions will drive you crazy after a while. Just to make matters worse, most of the time Wayans and Sandler just argue over who's wrong (for shooting the other or for lying) over and over again and none of it's funny or advances the story. It's as if the writers couldn't figure out anything else for the characters to say in the lull between action scenes. Been there, seen that. We give this one just a 3 out of 10 for those who don't mind dumb, action films.
    This a very adult natured film. There is extreme violence (shootings and deaths), profanity and heavy doses of sex thanks to a scene where Sandler watches a porno tape (soft core material is seen -- nudity, movement and sounds, but no actual intercourse is seen although everyone knows what's going on). Also, the humor is not geared for kids: A long sequence tries to be funny when Wayans won't let Sandler urinate and when he finally does, he stops him before he's finished and then Sandler goes on a tirade about "pissing" on Wayans and getting other people and animals to do the same. Ha-ha. We strongly suggest reading through every category listing before allowing your children to see this one.

  • While evading the police in their stolen car, Rock stops right in front of the police station. Archie asks him, "What, are you on crack (cocaine) or something?"
  • People are seen drinking inside a bar.
  • Archie sets up "drops" for Colton's heroin trade and in one scene lots of heroin is seen (but not used).
  • Patrol officers find Archie passed out in his car on a desert road. The back seat is full of empty beer bottles and a dog is passed out (with beer in his dog bowl). Archie steps out of the car and is literally falling down drunk.
  • Archie smokes a joint (marijuana) that Rock then takes from him and puts out.
  • Colton is seen drinking a cocktail.
  • Archie says that his mother would be okay if she stopped "drinking all the booze and smoking all that weed." Later, while talking on the phone with her, he states that she's "high," and even later a woman he calls "mom" is seen smoking a joint.
  • Rock says that his father was a crack addict and died with a needle in his arm.
  • Rock and Colton drink beers in a strip joint.
  • Rock tells Archie that he can see him in Mexico "drinking margaritas and banging Senoritas."
  • Archie's mouth is bloody after his fight with Rock in a warehouse.
  • Many gunshot victims have some amount of blood on them.
  • A pilot who's been shot in the back with a machine gun is rather bloody.
  • A bodyguard's face is rather bloody after Rock has head butted him many times.
  • Of course all of the bad guys, including Archie and Colton, have both.
  • Rock and Archie steal an expensive car and then flee from the police during a road chase.
  • Rock tells the police that Archie is his "retarded" friend and that subject material is used for laughs as Archie acts "retarded" per Rock's request.
  • Rock is hesitant to let the handcuffed Archie urinate. When he finally does, he stops him short and Archie ends up urinating on himself. Archie then goes on a tirade about urinating on Rock and getting other people and animals to do the same.
  • Rock's girlfriend, Traci, turns out to be working for Colton and tries to kill him and Archie.
  • Rock lets Archie go at the end, thus breaking his vow as a cop.
  • If you find action scenes tense, then read through "Violence" for details.
  • Rock and Archie are the only survivors in a plane that has lost all of its fuel. They prepare for the crash landing and the plane finally skids to a halt half way over a cliff edge. They then have to tiptoe out and just make it as the plane tumbles over the side, falls and explodes (without any fuel in it!).
  • Colton's men show up at a motel Rock and Archie are staying in, with the intent of killing them. See "Violence" for full details.
  • Handguns/Machine Guns: Used to inflict harm or death upon many people. For details see "Violence."
  • Archie holds his gun on a dog's head (acting like it's his hostage) after he's found out that Rock is really a cop, but soon lets the dog go.
  • In several scenes it's seen that a dog has been fed beer (and is seen drunk or wobbly).
  • Although Richie is shot in the back, he seems to be fine and walks away at the end (thus giving kids the impression that it's not that bad to get shot, or to shoot someone).
  • Phrases: "Sn*tch face," "Bitch slap your f*cking heinee," "Scum bag," "Slimy rat bastard," "Bitch," "I want his *sshole cuffed to his nuts," "Screw him," "Fart," "Piss," "Turd," "Whore," "Sucks," and "Sucker."
  • As Rock and Archie enter a warehouse, a dog suddenly rushes out and scares them.
  • A few scenes have minor tense music.
  • In one rap song there are references to using a "357 magnum," but the context is not easily discernible, and another song has the word "damn."
  • The soundtrack is filled with rap songs and most of the lyrics are indecipherable to adult ears and may contain more objectionable material than listed above.
  • 35 "f" words (3 with the prefix "mother"), 62 "s" words, 17 "ass" words, 12 hells, 6 SOB's, 5 slang terms for male genitals (the "d" and "p" words and "ding dong") and 2 slang terms for female genitals (the "p" and "s" word), 4 damns, 1 crap and 13 uses of "God damn," 4 uses each of "Jesus" (one was "Jesus Christ") and "Oh my God," and 3 uses of "God" as exclamations
  • Archie asks (about an expensive car their stealing), "Does this car play with your nuts?"
  • Archie says (to Colton about Rock being a cop), "If he's a cop, I'll suck your d*ck." Colton later repeats this statement after he's found out that Rock is a cop.
  • Rock tells Archie (after a dog licks Archie's face), "He just licked his balls and wants to get that taste out of his mouth."
  • Archie tells Rock that he'll lose him and will show up in L.A. with "only your ding dong in your hands."
  • Archie asks a motel manager if he "whacks off" (masturbates) a lot.
  • Archie then tells the manger that Rock is gay and is waiting for the manager. Later he asks the manager if he and his wife would be interested in some three-way action (a "menage a trois"). Later the manager is seen talking to his wife on the phone and asks her "Well, how do you know you wouldn't like a little "sandwich" action."
  • Archie watches a porno tape. A woman is heard moaning and a man's bare butt is seen as he performs oral sex on her (his head is seen between her legs). Archie tells Rock that he can tell this is 1970's porn because the guy's "d*ck has sideburns." Bare breasts are then seen as the woman is on top of the man and they are having sex.
  • Archie tries to escape from a motel room. His bare butt is seen as he gets stuck in the window and Rock walks in and puts the barrel of his gun in Archie's butt crack. The manager walks by outside, and seeing Archie struggling and Rock behind him, thinks they're having anal sex.
  • As the motel manager eludes the bad guys while driving Archie and Rock away, Archie asks is he he's got a "woody" (erection) from all of this. The manager says he had one before the chase started.
  • Rock and Archie drink beers in a strip joint, but the only thing seen is a dressed woman dancing around one of the poles.
  • Rock tells Archie that he can see him in Mexico "drinking margaritas and banging Senoritas."
  • Archie asks three Mexican women which of them "have done it with a bullfighter."
  • People are seen smoking (cigars and cigarettes) inside a bar.
  • One of Colton's men smokes and Colton is later seen smoking.
  • Rock says that his father was a crack addict and died with a needle in his arm.
  • Drug dealers.
  • Rock's actions as a cop (befriending a criminal and performing criminal acts).
  • The owner of an expensive car (that Rock and Archie have just stolen) runs out and shoots his handgun at them as they speed away.
  • A jealous boyfriend threatens Archie after he's trying to pick up the guy's girlfriend. Rock steps in and hits the guy in the throat with a pool cue. He then proceeds to beat him silly with punches to the face, body and back.
  • Two cops run up, grab Rock, and put a gun to his head as they "arrest" him.
  • Rock punches one of the drug smugglers in the face after he finds out Rock's a cop. Rock pulls his gun on Archie and they then struggle as the cops come pouring into the warehouse. The bad guys shoot their machine guns at the cops who return fire. Many people are wounded and/or killed. Archie punches Rock and then fires his handgun at the police as he flees. A bad guy drops a car (from a crane) that almost hits Rock. Archie then holds his gun on a dog's head (acting like it's his hostage) but soon lets it go.
  • Rock then spins around and shoots a bad guy dead. As he turns back, Archie is bumped and accidentally fires his gun. Rock is shot in the forehead and drops to the ground.
  • Archie then runs into Colton and his bodyguard who puts his gun into Archie's mouth. A dog then attacks the bodyguard and Archie hits Colton in the gut and then runs away.
  • Rock attacks a fellow officer after he's said that Rock is getting soft on busting Archie.
  • Rock tells Archie (after they've been reunited after Rock's rehab) that he's looking for any excuse to kill him (because he earlier shot Rock in the head).
  • Snipers begin shooting police officers as they're escorting Rock and Archie down a runway. All of the officers are killed and the bad guys then race out and shoot machine guns into the airplane that Rock and Archie jump into. The plane takes off, but not before a bad guy gets on board and shoots his machine gun. The pilot is hit and killed and Rock then shoots the gunman dead. Later the plane falls over a cliff and explodes upon impact (even though there was no fuel inside).
  • Rock head butts Archie while they're arguing.
  • Colton's bodyguard knocks out a motel manager with a pistol.
  • Colton's men show up at the motel Rock and Archie are staying in. One of them gets inside and shoots at Rock who rolls off his bed and shoots the man in the feet and then in the body. The other men then open fire (with machine guns) on the motel room riddling it with bullets, but Rock and Archie escape. The men then chase them but Rock and Archie are picked up by the motel manager.
  • The manager then leads Colton's men on a chase through the woods where the men continue to fire machine guns at them. But the manager tricks the men and their cars 1) flip over and a man in the back is crushed, 2) end up in a lake or 3) drive over the edge of a cliff with an explosive end (heard but not seen).
  • Archie and Rock figure out that two FBI agents are really Colton's men and then fight them in a car where both "agents" end up being kicked out and land on the hard road.
  • Rock slugs his captain after Archie thinks that he's working for Colton.
  • Archie shoots a bad guy in the head at Colton's estate. He and Rock then go inside and there is a big gun battle where in the end all of Colton's men are killed.
  • Rock and Colton's bodyguard fight where Rock throws many punches that have no effect. The bodyguard then attempts to squash Rock who ends up head butting the bodyguard many times to escape. He then grabs a gun and shoots the bodyguard several times until he's dead.
  • Rock's girlfriend, Traci, turns out to be working for Colton and shoots at both Rock and Archie.
  • Colton shoots at Rock but ends up hitting Archie in the back.
  • There is the obligatory fistfight between Colton and Rock at the conclusion that ends when Archie shoots Colton in the head.

  • Reviewed September 6, 1996

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