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[The Boxtrolls] The Boxtrolls

Animated Comedy/Adventure: A boy and his mischievous troll friends must contend with a ruthless man and his small team who want to capture and exterminate all of them.

[The Equalizer] The Equalizer

Action: After killing an abusive pimp and his goons, a former covert government operations officer must contend with a deadly assassin who's been sent to deal with him.

[Two Night Stand] Two Night Stand

Romantic Comedy: The participants in a one-night stand end up stuck together when a blizzard traps them in his place.

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[Chef] Chef

Dramedy: A down-on-his-luck chef quits his restaurant job and starts his own food truck business while driving from Miami back to Los Angeles with his former employee and 10-year-old son.

[Transformers: Age of Extinction] Transformers: Age of Extinction

Action/Adventure: A down-on-his-luck Texas inventor and his 17-year-old daughter find themselves in the middle of a battle between giant sentient robots and various forces that are trying to wipe them out.

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