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[Dolphin Tale 2] Dolphin Tale 2

Drama: A teenager and his fellow coworkers at a marine rescue center try to figure out how to bring their star dolphin -- that's equipped with a prosthetic tail -- out of her depression following the old-age death of her dolphin companion.

[The Drop] The Drop

Drama: An unassuming barkeep must contend with Chechen thugs who rule his cousin's bar, while also dealing with a local thug who seemingly wants to make trouble for him.

[No Good Deed] No Good Deed

Suspense/Thriller: A woman must contend with a man who invades her home and terrorizes her and her kids.

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[The Fault in Our Stars] The Fault in Our Stars

Drama: Two teenage cancer patients find solace, companionship and even love after meeting in a support group.

[Godzilla] Godzilla

Sci-Fi: Various humans must deal with radioactive behemoths that have reemerged from their subterranean lairs and do battle on a massive scale.

[Think Like a Man Too] Think Like a Man Too

Comedy: A large group of male and female friends assemble in Vegas for a wedding and get into all sorts of misadventures the night before the nuptials.

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