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[The Best of Me] The Best of Me

Drama: Former teenage sweethearts are reunited more than twenty years later by the death of their old friend, but most contend with unresolved issues from their past.

[The Book of Life] The Book of Life

Computer Animated Dramedy: Two men try to win the heart of a young woman in a Mexican town, unaware that two deities have put a wager on who will prevail.

[Fury] Fury

Drama/Action: A U.S. tank crew makes their way behind enemy lines near the end of the European half of WWII.

[Men, Women & Children] Men, Women & Children

Drama: Numerous teens and their parents have difficulties connecting with each other in the real world the more they become "connected" to each other on the Internet and the virtual world.

[St. Vincent] St. Vincent

Dramedy: A 12-year-old boy from a broken family finds an unlikely role model and source of inspiration in his misanthropic, debt-ridden neighbor.

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[Earth to Echo] Earth to Echo

Sci-Fi: A trio of boys follow a signal to the desert where they find an extraterrestrial they try to help get back to his home planet.

[The Purge: Anarchy] The Purge: Anarchy

Suspense/Action: Various people must contend with being caught outdoors during a once-a-year, government-sanctioned, 12-hour period where murder and other crimes are legal.

[Sex Tape] Sex Tape

Comedy: A married couple must contend with the sex tape they've made accidentally ending up on their friends and others' computer tablets and then the Internet.

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