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[Bears] Bears

Documentary: A year in the life of a mama bear and her two cubs in the wilds of Alaska is chronicled.

[A Haunted House 2] A Haunted House 2

Comedy: A man must contend with paranormal events when he moves into a woman's house with her kids in this parody of recent horror films.

[Heaven Is For Real] Heaven Is For Real

Drama: A small-town pastor must contend with the ramifications of his 4-year-old son stating he went to Heaven during emergency surgery.

[The Railway Man] The Railway Man

Drama: A British WWII vet, plagued by post-traumatic stress disorder, seeks out the Japanese man who was involved in his torture during the war decades ago.

[Transcendence] Transcendence

Sci-Fi: After being mortally wounded by anti-technology extremists, an expert in artificial intelligence has his mind uploaded onto a computer network where he grows progressively more powerful.

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[Black Nativity] Black Nativity

Drama/Musical: A Baltimore teen goes to stay with his Harlem grandparents who he's never met, all while trying to figure out how to get $5,000 to save his mom's home.

[The Nut Job] The Nut Job

Animated Comedy: A self-serving squirrel and other animals travel into the city in hopes of stealing nuts from a local store, unaware that it's serving as the front for mobsters desirous of robbing the bank across the street.

[Philomena] Philomena

Drama: A former journalist accompanies a woman as she tries to track down the child taken from her fifty years earlier at the orphanage where she gave birth as a teen.

[Ride Along] Ride Along

Action Comedy: A tough Atlanta cop takes a motor-mouthed young man on a ride along to scare him into not joining the Police Academy ... and not proposing to his sister.

[The Secret Life of Walter Mitty] The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Dramedy: A forty-something daydreamer experiences grand adventures and dangers for the first time in his life as he tries to track down the photo that will grace the cover of the last print edition of Life Magazine.

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