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[Boyhood] Boyhood

Drama: A boy must contend with various family issues, self doubts and philosophical thoughts while growing up from a 6-year-old into a college freshman.

[Get On Up] Get On Up

Drama: A poor boy grows up into a hugely popular soul singer by perfecting both his music and handling the business side as well.

[Guardians of the Galaxy] Guardians of the Galaxy

Sci-Fi: A thief forms an unlikely alliance with a group of extraterrestrial misfits as they must contend with various forces who want a powerful orb that's in their possession.

[A Most Wanted Man] A Most Wanted Man

Thriller: A German intelligence operative tracks a lone terrorist suspect in Hamburg, hoping he will be the key to bringing down a major money laundering operation.

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[Noah] Noah

Drama: A man is called upon by God to build an ark to protect a collection of the world's animals from a flood that will wipe out mankind.

[The Other Woman] The Other Woman

Comedy: Three women seek revenge on the man who is cheating on all of them.

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