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[Boo! A Madea Halloween] Boo! A Madea Halloween

Comedy: Madea and her cronies must babysit her teenage niece on Halloween, as the girl schemes to sneak out and attend a local college party.

[Jack Reacher: Never Go Back] Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Action: A former Army major helps out his successor when she is wrongly framed for espionage.

[Keeping Up with the Joneses] Keeping Up with the Joneses

Action-Comedy: A married couple becomes increasingly suspicious that their new neighbors are too good to be true.

[Ouija: Origin of Evil] Ouija: Origin of Evil

Horror: A widowed mother and her two daughters must contend with the evil unleashed by their use of a Ouija board.

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[Alice Through the Looking Glass] Alice Through the Looking Glass

Fantasy/Adventure: A 19th-century teen returns to a fantastical world and then travels back into its past in hopes of saving the Mad Hatter's family and thus him in the present.

[Cafe Society] Cafe Society

Dramedy: A young man moves to 1930s era Hollywood where he falls in love with a young woman who's seeing a married man.

[God's Not Dead 2] God's Not Dead 2

Drama: A high school history teacher gets into trouble and eventually goes to court over discussing Jesus in her class.

[Independence Day: Resurgence] Independence Day: Resurgence

Sci-Fi: Twenty years after the first such occurrence, earthlings must again contend with an extraterrestrial attack on the planet.

[Our Kind of Traitor] Our Kind of Traitor

Dramatic Thriller: A poetry professor and his lawyer wife find themselves caught up in a Russian money launderer's efforts to defect from the Russian mob.

[Ratchet & Clank] Ratchet & Clank

Computer Animated Sci-Fi: A young mechanic joins a group of galactic heroes to stop a villain who's been destroying planets for his own gain.

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