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[Bad Moms] Bad Moms

Comedy: A harried mom reaches the breaking point and, with the help of her two new friends and fellow moms, decides to take on the dictator-like president of the PTA.

[Jason Bourne] Jason Bourne

Action: A former government operative continues trying to solve the mystery of his past while dealing with an ambitious CIA cyber ops specialist and her boss, the CIA director, who either wants him captured or killed.

[Nerve] Nerve

Dramatic Thriller: A number of high school students get involved with an online game that includes completing increasingly risky dares for cash.

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[Barbershop: The Next Cut] Barbershop: The Next Cut

Comedy: The staff of a South Side Chicago unisex salon deal with changing local demographics that has brought a violent criminal element into their neighborhood.

[The Boss] The Boss

Comedy: After serving time in prison for insider trading and leaving penniless, a former business tycoon tries to reinvent herself with the help of her former, overworked employee.

[Criminal] Criminal

Action: A convicted murderer, who suffers from a brain disorder where he doesn't experience any emotions, must contend with having mission critical memories transferred into his head from a slain CIA agent who was trying to stop an anarchist from getting his hands on a hacker's control of all U.S military weapons.

[Sing Street] Sing Street

Dramedy: A Dublin teenager puts together a band to impress a girl he's just met.

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