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[Alice Through the Looking Glass] Alice Through the Looking Glass

Fantasy/Adventure: A 19th-century teen returns to a fantastical world and then travels back into its past in hopes of saving the Mad Hatter's family and thus him in the present.

[X-Men: Apocalypse] X-Men: Apocalypse

Superhero Action: A group of good mutants must contend with some bad ones teaming up with a resurrected Egyptian leader, who's also a powerful mutant and wants to cleanse the Earth for a renewal.

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[Gods of Egypt] Gods of Egypt

Fantasy/Action: The evil god Set blinds and casts out his rival, Horus, forcing him to join forces with a rebellious mortal to reclaim the Ancient Egyptian throne.

[Race] Race

Drama: An African-American runner of the 1930s must contend with racism in America as well as the various pressures of competing in the Nazi-controlled summer Olympics in Berlin.

[Triple 9] Triple 9

Crime Drama: A group of bad cops and ex-military ops plan to put another cop in harm's way in order to pull off a heist ordered by the mob.

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