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[Incarnate] Incarnate

Horror: A man with a tragic past enters the subconscious of an 11-year-old to kill the demonic entity that's possessing the boy.

[Loving] Loving

Drama: A white man and black woman must contend with the ramifications of being married and living in the state of Virginia during the 1950s and '60s.

[Moonlight] Moonlight

Drama: A character grapples with growing up poor in the rough inner-city, dealing with bullies, and trying to sort out his sexuality as he transitions from a shy and picked-on boy through being a teenager and then an adult man.

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[Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie] Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Comedy: Two boozy British socialites lose everything when one of them is accused of murder, forcing them to flee to the French Riviera.

[The BFG] The BFG

Fantasy/Adventure: An orphan finds herself in the company of a giant who collects and distributes dreams and must protect her from much larger giants with an appetite for children.

[Don't Breathe] Don't Breathe

Suspense/Thriller: Three young burglars get more than they bargained for when they break into a blind man's home in a deserted Detroit neighborhood hoping to steal a large sum of cash from him.

[Pete's Dragon] Pete's Dragon

Fantasy/Adventure: A boy and his pet dragon who live together in the woods must contend with being discovered by others.

[The Wild Life] The Wild Life

Computer Animated Comedy/Adventure: A man ends up shipwrecked on an island with a small number of animals, all of whom must contend with two mangy cats that want to get revenge on him and eat the others.

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