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Many of you have written in to express your concern and/or disgust with the nature and/or number of the ads that appear on our site. While we understand and agree with many of your comments, you must understand the following.

As a VERY small organization, we do not have the time, budget or personnel to find and place the ads ourselves (most bigger sites pay EACH of their ad buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year). Accordingly, we belong to a larger network of sites, WomensForum.com, that farms out our page inventory to a 3rd party ad delivery firm. In turn, that firm farms out unsold ad space to other 3rd party ad firms and so on.

Thus, we have little control over what appears on our site and attempts to remove objectionable ads that might occasionally show up is often a futile battle since one of the ad parties down the line is just as likely to re-insert them from their own inventory.

As far as the number of ads that appear, that's also beyond our control. While we could stop all pop-up ads, they're the only sort of online advertising that's paying anything right now. If we remove those ads, our revenue would drop to such a point that this service would have to be suspended and the site abandoned.

For those who hate all of the ads and/or want to help out, a subscriber version of this site is now available and does not feature any outside ads. You can find out more below:


We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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