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[Grandma] Grandma

Dramedy: A surly lesbian grandmother hits the road with her pregnant granddaughter to find money for the teen's abortion.

[No Escape] No Escape

Suspense/Action: An American family tries to survive a violent coup in the southeast Asian country where they've just moved.

[War Room] War Room

Drama: A real estate agent turns to God in hopes of saving her marriage.

[We Are Your Friends] We Are Your Friends

Drama: A young man tries to make it as a club DJ on the L.A. club and party scene.

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[The D Train] The D Train

Dramedy: A high school reunion committee leader tries to be cool for the first time in his life by convincing a former classmate, now a TV commercial actor, to attend their 20th anniversary reunion.

[Mad Max: Fury Road] Mad Max: Fury Road

Action: A former cop turned nomadic widower joins forces with a rogue warrior who's trying to free a group of enslaved women from a tyrant who uses them as breeders in a post-apocalyptic world.

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