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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
Profanity, Violence & More That Your Kids Are Seeing In Today's Movies

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[Chip 'N Dale:  Rescue Rangers] Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers [Disney+]

Animated/Live Action Comedy: Former friends and TV actors are reunited as they attempt to find and rescue an old friend and former co-star who's been kidnapped by a criminal who makes bootleg knockoffs of famous animated movies.

[Men] Men [In Theaters]

Horror: Following her husband's death, a woman sets off for some self-care isolation, but must contend with an unsettling array of men.

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[The Batman] The Batman [Digital]

Superhero Action/Drama: A masked vigilante tries to figure out who's responsible for the murders of various corrupt city officials.

[Blacklight] Blacklight [Digital]

Drama/Action: An off-the-books FBI fixer uncovers wrongdoings in the agency and tries to make things right, all while concerned about how that might impact his daughter and granddaughter.

[Cyrano] Cyrano [DVD - Blu-ray]

Musical: Unable to tell a high society woman how he feels about her, a French nobleman ends up helping the man she's smitten with woo her through his words.

[Dog] Dog [Digital]

Drama: A former Army Ranger agrees to drive an aggressive Belgian Malinois 1,500 miles to the funeral of her former military handler.

[Jackass Forever] Jackass Forever [DVD - Blu-ray]

Comedy: A group of daredevils perform various wild, dumb, and sometimes dangerous stunts, and gags in this fourth film based on the MTV TV show.

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