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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
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[Collide] Collide

Action: A car thief agrees to one last heist because he needs the money to save his terminally ill girlfriend.

[Get Out] Get Out

Horror: A young black man must contend with veiled racism and then outright terror when his white girlfriend takes him to meet her parents and others for the first time.

[Rock Dog] Rock Dog

Computer Animated Dramedy: A young Tibetan mastiff leaves his mountain village -- and responsibility of helping protect the wool-producing sheep from wolves -- to try to make it in the big city as a rock 'n roll musician.

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[Bad Santa 2] Bad Santa 2

Comedy: Former partners in crime reunite to once again pose as a Santa Claus and an elf to steal from a Chicago charity.

[Hacksaw Ridge] Hacksaw Ridge

Drama/Action: A conscientious objector joins the American forces during WWII as a medic and must contend with others' views of him as well as serving in combat.

[Manchester By The Sea] Manchester By The Sea

Drama: A man must contend with having to return to his former town following his brother's death that's suddenly left him as the guardian of his teenage nephew.

[Nocturnal Animals] Nocturnal Animals

Dramatic Thriller: An unhappily married art gallery owner reads her ex-husband's novel and finds herself questioning her life while being drawn into his story that also plays out on the screen.

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