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[Free State of Jones] Free State of Jones

Drama/Action: A disillusioned medic goes AWOL during the Civil War and then takes on the Confederacy with his growing band of supporters.

[Independence Day: Resurgence] Independence Day: Resurgence

Sci-Fi/Action: Twenty years after the first such occurrence, earthlings must again contend with an extraterrestrial attack on the planet.

[The Neon Demon] The Neon Demon

Dramatic Thriller: A sixteen-year-old takes the modeling world by storm and must contend with those drawn in by or who are jealous of her natural beauty.

[The Shallows] The Shallows

Suspense: A young woman must contend with being stranded just off shore following a shark attack.

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[The Brothers Grimsby] The Brothers Grimsby

Action/Comedy: An English football fan sets out to find his long-lost brother, only to learn he's a secret MI6 spy who's uncovered a plot that puts the world at risk..

[The Forest] The Forest

Horror: A woman looks for her twin sister in a haunted forest known for the suicides that take place inside it..

[My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2] My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Romantic Comedy: A woman tries to balance her teenage daughter, her aging parents and her marriage that's plateaued due to her feeling the need to fix everything..

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