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[The Choice] The Choice

Drama: Despite a rocky start, neighbors in a small coastal town end up falling for each other.

[Hail, Caesar] Hail, Caesar

Comedy: A 1950s era Hollywood studio executive must contend with juggling lots of movies and stars, and the headaches that accompany both, as well as the abduction of one of his leading men.

[Pride and Prejudice and Zombies] Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Action/Horror/Comedy: In 19th century England where London is a walled, safe haven from zombies, a number of highly trained sisters must not only contend with the undead, but also the callings of their aristocratic society, including the prospects of marriage and finding the right man.

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[Bridge of Spies] Bridge of Spies

Drama: A 1950s era insurance claims lawyer is not only tasked to defend an alleged Soviet spy in court, but also to handle the prisoner swap between that man and a downed Air Force pilot now held captive by the Soviets.

[Freeheld] Freeheld

Drama: A cancer stricken cop must contend with the county where she works not wanting to grant her pension to her same-sex domestic partner.

[The Last Witch Hunter] The Last Witch Hunter

Action/Horror: A warrior, cursed with immortality 800 years ago, is called upon to save modern-day Earth from a resurrected Witch Queen.

[Our Brand Is Crisis] Our Brand Is Crisis

Dramedy: A political strategist comes out of retirement to take on her nemesis who's working on the presidential election in Bolivia.

[Rock the Kasbah] Rock the Kasbah

Dramedy: A down on his luck music promoter travels to Kabul, Afghanistan with his lone client, but when she abandons him, he pins his hopes on a young local woman whose singing could put their lives in jeopardy.

[Suffragette] Suffragette

Drama: An early 20th century British woman must contend with the ramifications of joining the suffragette movement.

[Truth] Truth

Drama: A TV news crew must contend with allegations that their "60 Minutes" piece -- covering President George W. Bush's time in the National Guard -- is politically motivated and filled with errors.

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