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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
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[Den of Thieves] Den of Thieves

Action: An elite but unorthodox sheriff's department team tries to stop a group of highly trained ex-soldiers and criminals from pulling off another heist, unaware that they're targeting the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles.

[Forever My Girl] Forever My Girl

Drama: A famous country music star returns to his hometown and his former fiancée who he jilted on their wedding day eight years ago.

[I, Tonya] I, Tonya

Dramedy: An Olympic hopeful, abused most of her life, tries to return to the Olympics, only to have her ex-husband and his buddy throw a monkey wrench into her plans.

[12 Strong] 12 Strong

Action/War Drama: A dozen Green Berets are assigned to be the first U.S. forces to retaliate against the Taliban in Afghanistan following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

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[Blade Runner 2049] Blade Runner 2049

Sci-Fi: In the mid 21st century, a LAPD officer who's assigned to find and kill rebellious, older model android replicants makes a startling discovery that shakes his world and that of others.

[Happy Death Day] Happy Death Day

Horror: A college student tries to solve the mystery of reliving the exact same day over and over again where she ends up being murdered at the end each time.

[The Snowman] The Snowman

Thriller: A detective tries to solve a missing persons case that might be tied to similar events from years ago.

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