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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
Profanity, Violence & More That Your Kids Are Seeing In Today's Movies

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[CHiPs] CHiPs

Comedy: A straight-laced FBI agent teams with a hot-dog rookie motorcycle cop to bring down a group of crooked cops in L.A.

[Life] Life

Science-Fiction: Six astronauts aboard the International Space Station discover an extraterrestrial life form, and it turns out to be quite malevolent.

[Saban's Power Rangers] Saban's Power Rangers

Sci-Fi: A disparate group of teens unexpectedly find themselves with superpowers they'll need to use to save the world from a power-hungry villain.

[Slamma Jamma] Slamma Jamma

Drama: A former college basketball star tries to get his life back in order after serving six years in prison for armed robbery.

[Song to Song] Song to Song

Drama: Three people involved in the Austin music scene contend with being in a love triangle.

[Wilson] Wilson

Comedy: A misanthrope tries to reunite with his ex-wife and learns that they have a 17-year-old daughter.

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[Assassinís Creed] Assassinís Creed

Action: A murderer sentenced to death in the modern day discovers he descends from an ancient group of Assassins charged with protecting the world from the evil Templars, who are still active today.

[Live By Night] Live By Night

Drama: A WWI veteran turned low-level Boston criminal signs on to work for an Italian mobster in Florida in order to get revenge on an Irish mobster who wronged him in the past.

[Miss Sloane] Miss Sloane

Drama: A wily and ultra-prepared lobbyist leaves her prestigious D.C. firm to join a smaller one that's hired her to get a law -- that would extend gun purchase waiting periods -- passed through Congress.

[Sing] Sing

Animated Comedy/Musical: A show business koala tries to save his theater by putting on a singing competition where the various animal contestants believe the cash prize is far larger than it really is.

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