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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
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[Born in China] Born in China

Documentary: Four separate tales of survival in the wilds of modern-day China are told involving pandas, monkeys, snow leopards, and antelopes (or "chiru").

[Free Fire] Free Fire

Crime Thriller: Two rival crime gangs meet in a Boston warehouse circa 1978 and end up getting involved in an all-night gun battle.

[The Promise] The Promise

Drama: A love triangle develops between a medical student, the tutor to his uncle's children, and her American reporter boyfriend, all as a campaign of genocide breaks out and worsens after Turkey enters WWI.

[Unforgettable] Unforgettable

Thriller: A vindictive woman targets her ex-husband's new bride-to-be.

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[The Founder] The Founder

Drama: A struggling salesman sees potential in a small but successful hamburger restaurant that's systemized its operations and become wildly popular.

[Sleepless] Sleepless

Drama/Action: After coming into possession of twenty-five kilos of cocaine, an undercover detective tries to rescue his teenage son who's been kidnapped by a casino boss who owes the drugs to a dangerous gangster.

[Split] Split

Suspense/Thriller: Three teenage girls must contend with a man -- who suffers from a multiple personality disorder -- kidnapping them.

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